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    Hi everyone,

    My guild is just starting into Mythic Emerald Nightmare (tonight, actually), and I am feeling a little out of pace as a Resto Shaman. Looking at many other logs I am doing very poorly considering my gear, and artifact.

    A little background on me: I am new to Resto Shaman this expansion. I have mained Mistweaver since Throne of Thunder.

    I have a good grasp of the basics of playing a Resto Shaman, I am really just looking to learn the finer points that will really enhance my performance. As you will be able to see from my logs, I am consistently throwing out low throughput. Maybe I’m running the wrong talents, maybe I’m just missing something overall. Any tips or advice you could offer would be beneficial.

    Heroic Logs:

    Mythic Logs:

    More logs can be found on my guild’s page on Warcraft Logs as they become available.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey beats,

    I am going to go over your log(s). I don’t want you to think you are getting no feedback at all, I am just a bit late. When I see someone post that is actually looking for help, I spend a lot of time giving feedback. (Usually takes me about 2 hours to go completely over one with someone.) In exchange I am going to go over everything including your talent choices, abilities, stat priorities, etc. When looking at your logs I will choose which fight I think would be best to go in depth in, and I will explain everything I find where you could improve, anything you were doing wrong / why you were doing it wrong, why you should play a certain way, etc. I cannot do it all as of rite now, but I can probably have it all posted within the next 5 hours depending on what time I get back home. If you happen to see this before I reply feel free to let me know what fight you feel would be best for me to look at before I choose one as well as link me your updated armory.

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    My quick disclaimer:

    I am not in a progression guild as I cannot find the time to commit many hours a week to raiding, so my actual in-game experience is made up mostly of PvP game play (arena / rated BG) and being 3/7 Heroic EN which is admittedly pretty far behind. With that aside, I know the class extremely well inside and out and enjoy the theory-crafting aspect of the game so I will give you my honest / educated opinion when looking over your logs.

    One thing I like to note before going over any logs: Do not base your healing entirely off of “heals per second”. Heals per second or HPS, is a pretty inaccurate way of determining someone’s overall healing “skill” as HPS has a lot more to do with the opportunity the fight is giving you in regards to healing than your actual healing “skill” so to say. An example would be: Shaman A is in a 25-man progression raiding guild where everyone is going to be taking tons of damage; Shaman B is more geared and is clearing already downed content with his 10-man guild. Shaman A will probably end up doing more healing than Shaman B even though it is the same fight and Shaman B is more geared. The reason being, Shaman A is going to have a lot more healing potential, the more players taking damage, the more healing that can be done; The lower people’s health are, the stronger / more healing you will do. Having more people at low health typically means your Healing Rain will always be hitting 10 people, your Chain Heal will always have hurt players to fully bounce to, your HST / HTT will have more people to heal, etc. Now this isn’t an excuse for someone that is doing half of other healer’s healing. All healers should be relatively close in overall healing done depending on the situation, but if you feel like your not performing as well as you should be it is much better to get your logs analyzed by someone like me than it is to blame the situation you are in for your low healing.

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    The fight I have decided to go over is the Heroic Xavius kill that took 8:13 or 493 seconds.

    In regards to your talents, I noticed on Heroic Xavius you were running Wellspring. I would say Xavius is probably one of, if not the best boss to use Wellspring on, and even then I would consider it not viable and here is why: Wellspring is an unbelievably expensive spell, almost 50% higher mana cost when compared to Chain Heal which is already expensive. It’s healing output is high but it also has very high over-heal potential as you get the most value out of the spell when it is used off cool down. (Notice your over-healing on that spell was at almost 50%.) Every two times you cast Wellspring you could cast three Chain Heals which (when used properly) will have little to no over-healing, and have a chance to trigger your Resurgance granting you mana back. Chain Heal also gives a charge of Tidal Waves. Your average Wellspring cast output 540,000 healing, and that’s including when it crits. Compare that to average Chain Heal casts which are around 300,000 – 400,000 healing when running High Tide. To sum it up, Wellspring costs 50% more mana, doesn’t do 50% more healing, doesn’t grant a Tidal Wave, doesn’t trigger Resurgance, when running Wellspring your Chain Heals are gonna do significantly less healing meaning your main AoE healing spell is on a 20 second cool down compared to Chain Heal being available at all times, Wellspring requires you and your raid to be positioned correctly to get the most use out of it, Chain Heal doesn’t require you to face anyone and can bounce off people in an AoE in regards to your position. You should really consider swapping this talent out for High Tide and working Chain Heal back into your regular rotation. I will explain the proper usage a little bit later in this post.

    Now I will go over Healing Rain, Riptide, Healing Stream Totem, and Cloudburst Totem. I am going to go off of number from both your Heroic Xavius and some of your other Heroic fights just to put things in proper perspective. The reason I want to go over all four of these spells together is because they all share two things: SHOULD BE USED OFF COOL DOWN; PROVIDE PASSIVE HEALING. I cannot stress this enough. Your opener to the fight should begin with casting Riptide on Tank 1 seven second before pull, Riptide on Tank 2 one second before pull, place Healing Rain in a smart location, cast Healing Stream Totem, cast Cloudburst Totem, etc. Regardless of the situation you are in, from that point onward, your number one priority it to keep as close to 100% up time on all four of those abilities as the passive healing as well as healing out / mana cost ratio is so great. To put it in perspective you should be casting Healing Stream Totem when Cloudburst Totem still has one second remaining every single time. You used Healing Stream Totem 7 times in a 493 second fight. You could have easily gotten more than double the uses out of it. To put it in perspective, your Healing Stream Totem was outputting as much healing per use as your Wellspring except it was less than 1/3 the mana cost. Xavius is one of the best fights for Healing Rain as people are often very crowded together. Healing Rain was 12% of your healing despite only casting it 12 times. Taking cast time into consideration you could have easily gotten 40 casts of Healing Rain off that fight. Taking your average heal per cast that would have been another 12.3 million healing that you would have done from Healing Rain alone. For that fight 75 Riptide casts would have been realistic when you got about 28 off. Again, Riptide was doing over half the healing per cast of your Wellspring yet cost almost 1/5 the amount. Let’s assume you never used any mana on Wellspring, that would have saved you 770,000 mana, instead you used Riptide off cool down and that 770,000 mana went into 43 Riptides. Your Wellsprings did a total of 4.76 million healing, the 43 Riptides would have done 11 million healing. Hopefully this is putting things into perspective for you on why I am so big on making sure those four abilities are being used off cool down.


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    I decided to stop here as I need to get some sleep but this should give you a good point to start from. There are still plenty of things I want to go over as I still see quite a few improvements you can make. Take what I’ve already said into consideration and next time you raid, (if it’s before I reply to this again), send me the next log and I will see if any improvements were made.

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    I want to thank you so much for your thorough feedback! I have already noticed huge gains in my throughput. I will post back on Wednesday when I get proper logs.

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      Great to hear. Shoot me your newest logs and be sure to make use of everything I mentioned above and I will go back over them and see how you have improved as well as find more to improve on.


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