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      Hey guys. I’m 7/7M as of last week and 3/3H in ToV. I was just wondering if anybody would be looking to review my logs the last week or so.

      This is our raid from tonight excluding Nythendra:

      Our ToV log from a couple of days ago: and

      ToV was split into 2 raids

      I am Neps, but feel free to provide feedback on Sjogurka too, I can always feed info back to him. He’s our guild master, but he’s very laid back with his play and often just DPSes at the start of fights and does no healing until later on, which may explain his low HPS in part. I do not think this is totally right because it may drain more mana from the rest of us in the beginning, but I don’t know.

      Any feedback you guys can provide on me (Neps) would be amazing.. I feel like I am not performing as well as I should. My main question: Should I constantly use Cloudburst in Mythic raids or are there some fights it’s not worth using?

      I am really grateful for any feedback anyone can give me!


      Edit: Called it “heroic EN” logs but it was Mythic… I am silly. 😛

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