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      First off I’m posting this for my partner with her consent – we’re looking for problem areas that can help reduce the gap between her and the more experienced healers.  Our guild is farming normal nighthold and chipping away on heroic in the remaining raid time – ultimately I’d like to see us go down to 2-healing 10-13 players with confidence, but in the meantime we’re overkilling things quite a bit… unfortunately I have basically zippo experience healing,  so beyond the basics I’m hopeless at giving sound advice in raid.

      Here’s two logs – first is heroic night and she’s present for the farm bosses:

      later is normal w/ a pug tank and healer for farm clear:

      Worth noting we’re never really heal limited in any of this – so it’s more a question of throughput than efficiency.

      My gut feeling is there are probably dozens of nuanced things we could focus on, but I’d like to see if we can narrow that down to 2-3 for now and return to the more detailed stuff later.

      Most obvious thing to me is Riptide on cooldown, especially over healing surge… but past that I’m not sure anymore.  Any other big wins to focus on?

      Here’s a link for gear reference:

      And here’s talents – they should be current for both runs:!2101211

      We greatly appreciate any feedback yall can provide!


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      Ok so here are some things she needs to change;

      • Drop HS …you should only use HS if you have lego braces or if the tank is about to die
        • replace HS with CH
      • As a shaman your efficiency is clutch healing, wait for damage, spam chain heal, gg you have 500k hps.
      • Didn’t use HTT once, that’s efficient heals

      If you use CH/HW you’ll notice a very big difference.

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