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      Hey guys,

      One of my hardcore buddies recently told me about this site so I’ve been perusing and reading all I can to learn more about how to play resto this xpac. I used to play pretty hardcore back in BC and early LK, but stopped to focus on RL. I just got back into the game last month for legion and am raiding casually (1 night/week) with my guild. Things are a lot different from BC so I need some help! These are my logs from our raid last week where we downed nyth, dragons, and ursoc.

      H Ursoc –

      H Dragons –

      H Nyth –

      Armory link –

      I’m mostly focused on healing stream on CD, healing rain on CD, and keeping riptide up. Everything between is mainly chain heal (I prefer to raid heal). Also, I’ve also seen a lot of different talent builds on this site. Should I change my talents at all? I feel like I need more crit too which will come with gear. I seem to go oom fairly quickly if I spam chain heal which causes me to twiddle my thumbs later in fights. I know meters aren’t everything, but I’m usually toward the bottom of the healing with the druids and priests above me so anything that can help me catch them and carry my weight would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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      Hi, Mythic Raider iPurge here =D

      So a few tips I can give you based on your logs.

      1st off Spam mythic +’s get that ilvl up, As for your stat weights. you need to get more MASTERY ! As shaman’s we thrive off massive heals from our mastery based on lower health of targets we’re healing.

      During raiding. learn timers and how long it takes your guild to reach certain phases. Ex: Ursoc 1st roar, your can drop a healing tide, healing rain while Ursoc is running back to tank, This will cover the original Charge damage / Roar. Bye the time Healing Tide comes off CD again will be perfect timing for around Roar 5-6 ” Depending on your raids dps”

      1. Combine – Cloud Burst Totem / Ancestral Guidance : Together to help stack up a nice aoe heal for any inc raid damage. ” Use DBM timer’s to time it out “
      2. Using Talents. High Tide and Ancestral Vigor helps keep your raid members above average health.
      3. Use Ancient Mana Potions at 65-70% mana, Will come back off CD when you need it again.

      But yeah Really focus on Stat weights, Don’t worry about item level just stat priority ‘ Int > Mastery > crit > haste. Here is my armory. My stat weights aren’t perfect, But I’m usually #1 on healing charts.

      Here are my current stat weights


      Hope this helped !



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      Thanks for the prompt response! Alright awesome thanks for the tips. I’ll have time this weekend to do mythics so hopefully I get some good drops.

      Any other tips/help are/is welcome. 😀

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      Hey guys,

      I just want to mention that the use of ‘stat weights’ instead of ‘stat priority’ can cause some confusion. A lot of guys come looking for weights to put into their addon (Pawn), and I don’t think ‘weights’ describe the conversation you two are having.

      If you chain heal, then crit seems to be rather important. Sure you don’t neglect mastery, but I’ve seen a lot of intellect > crit > mastery builds for people that focus on chain heal. Personally, I think the initial focus on crit allowed people to spam chain heal (in the first few weeks). Obviously, they want some basic mastery too. The lack of total available stats hurts us here, and as we move towards the 880-890 gear (I think) we’ll be more comfortable.

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      Alright guys, I’ve put into practice a lot of the stuff y’all have said and got my mastery way up (up to 90%!), but recently got a couple ilvl upgrades with haste and took them for the haste and increased int (so current mastery is closer to 80%). I still hate seeing that I’m in the 10th percentile compared to other shaman though! If anyone wouldn’t mind taking a look at some logs from my raid this week and giving me any feedback, it would be appreciated! I’ll post some links and you can look at my armory profile above as well. Thanks guys!


      Heroic Xavius

      Heroic Ursoc

      Heroic Ilgynoth

      Normal Guarm

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      Just going to chuck out some quick tips from things I spotted whilst looking through your logs briefly (don’t have the time for more in depth at the moment but this should give you some pointers).

      – I can see you’ve picked Cloudburst totem as a talent, yet when I look at your logs you don’t seem to get much use of it. Whilst it’s a great talent on certain fights it’s by no means necessary to use it for you to perform well. I suggest picking Echo as a talent instead until you feel you can get comfortable with CBT. Take a look at the Cloudburst totem guide on the site as well for tips and tricks. I’d still recommend running Echo until you feel more comfortable healing as resto as it plays now.

      – Your riptide usage is low, you should try and aim to cast it on cd. To check this for yourself (should you want to) you simply divide the fight length (in seconds) with the CD for riptide (6 secs). You should aim to be as close to this number as possible.

      – Your HST totem usage seems fine for the most part, could get a few more casts perhaps on a given fight.

      – Your guild is running too many healers (this can been seen by looking at the amount of overheal each healer has for a given fight) and this will always hurt you as a resto shaman due to the nature of our mastery.

      – On your Ursoc kill I noticed you didn’t cast spiritwalker’s grace once. As you have it talented it’s a great to tool to use every time your group gets charged since it will be up for each of those. Try to use spiritwalker’s more to keep casting when you need to move. On Nyth I find it’s great to use if you need to heal when a breath is being cast, for Cenarius when you need to run to dodge all the brambles, for spiderbird when gathering storms is being cast.  Try to find places where you feel it will help you.

      – Make sure you spend your tidal waves on healing waves to help with mana preservation in low damage phases.

      – Try and get more uses of Gift of the Queen as well.

      I feel this is enough for now, try these things and see how you get on. If you have any questions just poke.

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