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      Hi guys, would be nice if someone could check the following logs, these are some logs from different bosses nhc, i am out of ideas so i am asking you guys, would be very nice of you. 🙂

      Ursoc NHC:

      Dragons of Nightmare HC:

      Xavius NHC:


      Like said above, would be very nice if someone could give some hints for her, so she can improve her healing, any kind of hints would be useful.



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      Hey oromisism,

      I am looking over your Ursoc kill that was 3:22 or 202 seconds long.

      One of your goals as a Restoration Shaman is to have as close to a 100% up time on the following abilities: Riptide, Healing Stream Totem, Cloudburst Totem, and Healing Rain. When I look over your logs I can see you used Riptide 22 times, when taking 10% down time into consideration you should have used it roughly 30 times.  Notice you only used it 22 out of the 30 possible times yet it still accounted for 25% of ALL your healing, almost as much as Chain Heal when comparing healing output per mana spent. Assuming you are not running the Echo talent you should have used Healing Stream Totem 6 times, which you did. When looking at Healing Rain, you used it 6 times; When taking a 10% down time into consideration you could have used the ability 18 times. If each Healing Rain cast was doing 370k healing, and you used it the 12 more times you should have, that would have been another 4.4 million healing it would have done; That would have made Healing Rain your third highest healing overall, above Healing Wave. Due to the way Warcraft Logs works, I cannot see the amount of times you used Cloudburst Totem, so all I can do is recommend for you to cast it at the exact same time you are going to cast Healing Stream Totem, which should be off cool down every 30 seconds.

      Your Healing Wave and Healing Surge usage looks good in regards to the amount of times you used each one. Healing Surge should be saved strictly for emergencies and all of your Tidal Waves should be going into Healing Waves. One thing that I would like to point out is each cast of Riptide and each cast of Chain Heal is providing at least one charge of Tidal Waves. This would mean throughout that entire fight you would have at least 47 possible Tidal Waves charges although you only cast Healing Wave/Surge a total of 18 times meaning 29 of the Tidal Waves went to waste. You should prioritize using Chain Heal less and making use of your Tidal Waves on Healing Waves more. What that will do is allow you to conserve more mana in the early game while still maintaining a good amount of healing overall. The extra mana conservation will then go towards Chain Heals towards the end of the fight when people are much lower on health, thus leading to a much higher healing output due to your mastery.

      As far as cool down usage is concerned you are in a bit of trouble. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t see you using Healing Tide Totem once the entire fight? The amount of healing that spell puts out compared its mana cost is so valuable that even if you don’t find yourself in a situation where it is necessary, do your best to make the most of at some point during the fight as it is literally useless to not use it even once.

      It also appears as though your talents are pretty wrong so I will copy/paste what I said to another user earlier in regards to talents:

      I am going to go over talents pretty briefly. I cannot see all of your talent choices based off of the logs, so I am just going to talk quickly about what you should be running and why, if you have any questions about other talents or choices just let me know. Tier 1 talent choice should always be Torrent. I know some people will argue Undulation is a better choice for better mana conservation but I tend to disagree. If you look at your log I posted above you used Riptide a total of 45 times and you used Healing Wave/Surge a total of 28 times. Torrent increases every single Riptide while Undulation only works on every 3rd Wave / Surge. Considering Healing Surge is almost never worth the mana cost to use, I don’t find Undulation strong enough to be considered. I would break down the numbers for you but it would require a correct log of someone not using either talent, but I will save you the trouble in saying Torrent is a much more reliable choice. Tier 2/3 are entirely optional. Tier 4 is between Ancestral Guidance and Deluge. Crashing Waves is typically stronger if you’re going for single target healing which is why it is commonly used in dungeons. Ancestral Guidance is good in all situations as long as you don’t mind managing another cool down. Deluge is better if you do not want to manage another cool down and/or people are going to be stacked up in the fight such as Ursoc / Dragons / Xavius. Tier 5 is the same idea, both Earthen Shield Totem and Ancestral Vigor are strong. I would personally go with EST but if you don’think you can handle using the ability properly off cool down Ancestral Vigor is a great utility choice that works passively. Tier 6 talent should be Cloudburst Totem. Echo is a great choice again for single target healing where you heavily rely on Tidal Waves for your healing. Like I mentioned before, in a raid environment you are trying to be as mana efficient as possible and Cloudburst Totem has extremely high healing potential for a very low mana cost where as echo relies on you casting more abilities to get the most out of it’s effect. Final talent should be High Tide. Ascendance is a dungeon talent, High Tide is what makes your Chain Heal so valuable.

      Take this information I have given you and apply it to your next raid. If you’d like, you can then post your newest log and I will look over it and see how/if you have improved.

      Let me know if you have any questions.


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      Forgot to add:

      In case you are wondering how I know you are using Chain Heal way too much, a good way to determine whether or not someone is using the spell correctly is to look at there over-healing for that specific spell. Yours is sitting at almost 33% which is completely unacceptable. This means you are using the spells when people are much too high on health, meaning you are not getting the most value out of your mastery, and the over-healing is leading to nothing other than wasted mana. You should start using your Chain Heal a lot more conservatively. Start aiming as close to 0% over-healing as possible. (I know that seems a bit extreme but I have had multiple fights where I’ve had sub-5% over-healing, although I would consider sub-10% acceptable.)

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      Hi first of all, thanks for the quick response 🙂


      I think this will improve the healing very good and  i will definitely post upcomming logs and if there is any other thing to improve the healing, i am always looking to improve it.

      But it will take a few days, our next raid is on Wednesday and it will be heroic. So i think there will be logs for Nythendra, Dragons and  maybe Ursoc.


      Greetings, Oromisism

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        Sounds good, just send me the logs along with a link to your armory. It also helps to let me know what talents you were running during the time of the raid.

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      Hi, we got Nythendra and Dragons of Nightmare and i want to ask you to look over the logs, i know both of them are a bit much but i really want to improve the healing. The armory link is also included. We also got a few trys on Ursoc but didnt kill him, so if you want to see them too, notice me pls 🙂


      Nythendra HC:


      Dragons HC:


      armory link:


      I am pretty sure there are still many things to improve, so if it isnt to much work for you pls tell me everything to get better with my healing.

      If there is anything missing or if you need more logs let me know.

      Greetings Oromisism

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      ah and forgot to mention, on nythendra she used the following talents:

      Torrent, Graceful Spirit, Lightning Surge, Deluge, Ancestral Vigor, Cloudburst Totem and High Tide


      on Dragons she used:

      Torrent, Graceful Spirit, Lightning Surge, Crashing Waves, Ancestral Vigor, Cloudburst Totem and High Tide


      Greetings Oromisism

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      I’m not gonna analyse your logs, I’m not a huge fan of saying you need 100% up-time on this and that. Here are some things I’ve noticed about shaman healing in Emerald Nightmare and as a ex-holy paladin.

      Strats matter: Heroic is generally a free for all for me, but when it comes to mythic things buckle down and get set in motion. Cds are planned, positioning is organised, and you plan and prepare based on what your team is doing. Chain heal and even healing rain can under perform if your group isn’t positioning well for it, think stack and spread fights.

      Situational healing: sometimes I delay a healing rain because a few people are just too low to ignore then to keep my 100% healing rain up-time. Healing is always slightly different in each attempt or kill except for when and how you use cds.

      Assignments: does the team expect you to heal only the raid or help the tank too. Are there priority targets for mechanics. That will also change your spell choices, talent choices and etc.

      So far for me in Emerald Nightmare I haven’t defaulted into the typical chain heal + cloudburst spec at all (not until Mythic Xavius). I still dislike cloudburst and find echo’s increase to Riptide and Tidal Waves far too useful. Cloudburst has its place on Ursoc sure. I got Mythic Cenarius last night and I used Echo, Crashing Waves, Ascendance, Torrent, and Gust of Wind because it is what worked for ME. I even tried to be a chain heal shaman for a few attempts and people died!

      So point is, experiment and think about what your role is in the fight. If the big damage moments are covered by cds (like feeding time on Elerethe) chain heal is too slow and will probably over heal, using some spot healing to save those that are lowest while a tranq or tide is up can be far more useful to your team. Alternatively, on a fight that has predictable aoe moments like Mythic Xavius or Ursoc you can pre cast chain heal knowing the other healers have the spot healing covered. Timing cloudburst for the big damage hits, and trying to overheal before hand to feed it with heals… I just don’t like that mentality.

      Anyway, don’t take what I say as “this is how you must do it” just see if you get any ideas, and good luck.

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      Hi guys,


      sorry to waste your time again but i need your help (again^^), my shaman buddy’s logs are not really better (with all the hints) and i dont really know why.

      If you see something pls let me know, i will link the logs from our hc-raid last week.



      Thanks for the help


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