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      Dear all,

      Here is my log in H Xavius:

      I am a new Resto Shaman and I am learning the class.

      My understanding of healing priority are as follow:-

      1. Riptide on CD

      2. Try to not waste any Tidal Waves buff.

      3. Healing Rain on CD.

      I am focus Crit over Mastery and am learning to play as Dunderz. I read through some of Chain Heal’s post and was convinced that the critical strike build was for more AoE healing but when I look into Dunderz’s logs, I see he didn’t use any Chain Heal during Eye, Dragons and Xavius. Can anyone help me understand why?

      Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

      Thank you.

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      Hey Ishkur,

      Riptide is indeed in a very good place right now – there’s no wasting it.

      The extent to which you make use of your tidal waves buffs really depends on how you play your shaman. If you play a crit heavy build, and (as a result) focus on casting riptide and chain heal, you won’t really play into tidal waves. As you spend those with single target heals (healing wave / healing surge). Know that this makes a difference, and make you choices accordingly.

      The reason why Dunderz doesn’t play as much into chain heal on the Ilgynoth (eye boss) is because it’s a spot-heal heavy fight (great for holy priests and holy paladins). You’ll end up patching people up and healing DoTs quite a bit. Dragons, same in a way. Also, the raid is divided in half – which makes a difference. Xavius I don’t know the reason. I suggest you check the talent article we made, the guys explained their different builds on different bosses. Also, a lot of these casting patterns are influenced by the strategy the group uses on a fight.

      When I look at your logs, I notice your cloudburst isn’t very effective. Neither are your other cooldowns (HTT and AG). In fact, healing stream out heals all of them. Now this could be due to cooldown distribution, but I’m guessing there are betting moments to pop your them. Check out our CBT article we published this week for more info on how to make that one work.

      Hoping to be a little bit helpful,


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      Dear Dorelei,


      Thank you very much for your input. I am indeed playing a heavy crit build and am very happy about it.

      I’ve read through your talent section and i will go back and re-read it again to get a better understanding at it.

      Regarding with CD usages (CBT, HTT, AG and SLT), I admit that I suck at those. I recently moved from disc priest ehich is not CD heavy at all to resto shaman and the learning curve has been brutal.

      Thus, my plan was to limited the CD to minimal to get the hang of it first. Especially CBT, I have such trouble with it because I always spamming my buttton to get it out and the result would be detonating CBT before its absorb take place. I am planning to go EoE until I am better at healing as resto shaman.  Will the mentioned choice affect my performance much?

      For other CDs I am in he progress of learning when to place them. If you could point me toward any guide or pointer regarding this matter I would greatly appreciated. I am trying to figure out when other places their CD via warcraftlogs but im’m still learning.

      Also, should I be keeping Healing Rain on CD? How about Gift of the Queen?

      Again, thank you very much for your feed back, suggestions and advices.




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        Just see your guide to CBT and it’s such a great read! I’ll try to make use of it from now on.

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      Dear Dorelei,

      Here are my latest log for H Cenarius:

      I think there’s some improvement, CBT has been used more and I think I did pretty well on AG. HTT and SLT still need improvement from what I can see.

      Please comment and let me know.

      Thank you.

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      Hey Ishkur,

      Starting with a minimal number of cd’s to learn the class fully, is a great idea. Let the passives do the work for you. EoE is very competitive, if not fine for all fights. So no, you won’t be missing out much.

      In terms of cooldown management, we wrote an article end-HFC about ‘how to become a cooldown canon’ (see the top menu – articles). I believe it is still relevant today and could help you with your question.

      With the crit build, it depends a bit whether you should keep healing rain on cd. It is powerful right now, no doubt. But if you can’t find a good place for multiple people to benefit from it for most of its duration, you might want to skip on placing it. Gift of the Queen should be used close to cooldown. I believe it’s worth holding on to it for cooldowns like AG or CBT. However, with a 45-second cooldown, holding onto it for too long will mean not using it for the duration of twice the cooldown which would be a pity.


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      Dear Dorelei,


      Thank you again for your input. i can’t stress enough how i long to see your reply! I’ve read through ur guide and am trying to make the best out of it. I wonder how crucial is the 10% crit on chain heal trait for crit build? Is it absolute mandatory? May be my poor performance was due to missing it?

      Also, i read through the CBT post and I am wonder how to ,easure it to know i use it efficiently.


      If you dont mind, here is my latest log.

      I will try to keep Healing Rain on CD for my next raid to see the different.

      Been raiding without loot all weeks to tweak my skill.


      Thank yoh verg much and hope to see your comment again.

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      You asked somewhere else about CBT healing effectiveness. Is this what you’re after?

      And perhaps this:

      For Urosc I’d personally start feeding it just as/after the charge hits and then it should pop just after the first roar has gone out. You’ll get used to the timing, I can see that you did on the first charge/roar and one the second one it’s off which means it doesn’t cover the roar damage. Save spiritwalker’s for each charge that hits your group so can heal when being thrown in the air, if talented it’ll cover every charge.

      Here is something you might find useful to look at (highlight all the casts you want shown):

      It shows in which order you cast what. If we take the first cloudburst as an example you cast it, then you cast healing rain (and don’t finish I guess due to movement) after that you cast swg then you cast riptide and then gift and then a healing rain and then you chain heal. A more optimal way would be: cast swg, precast healing rain just before charge goes out, cast cloudburst and start feeding as you’re getting charged (you’ll get used to exact timing here after practice) keep feding clouburst with chain heal and gift madness also try to cast riptide on cd (if you need and you can, otherwise weave with healing wave). And then roar goes out and profit! If you’re not getting charge same applies just minus the swg.

      If anything of this is unclear just poke.

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