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      Hello, fellow Shamans! I came back to WoW a month ago and found out Blizzard updated Riptide’s sound. For me the old sound is iconic and I can’t play without it. I just can’t get used to the new one. This might sound ridiculous, but I talented into Wellspring, only because it has the old Riptide sound. I am trying to overwrite the new sound(s), unfortunately, I was unable to do so because I need the new sound’s filename. I could not find it in CASC View, WoWhead says this is the sound:

      But I was unable to find a sound named spell_sh_revamp_riptide_impact in the game fiels. I only found the old one which is named: spell_mage_riptide_impact. Luckily, WoWhead provides the correct ID for the sound, which is 90162. If you type this in game: /script PlaySound(90162) you’ll hear one of the new Riptide sounds. I discovered a documentation of sound filenames by ID, but 90162 was not among them.

      The workaround I am currently using is the following: I modified an existing addon that plays the old Warrior’s Execute sound, to instead play the old Riptide sound when I cast Riptide. This however has a few issues:

      1. The new sound can still be heard along with the old one.

      2. The old Riptide sound is not 3D – if I cast Riptide on a distant target I hear it as if I cast it on myself.

      3. If someone else casts Riptide I only hear the new sound.

      Does anyone have any ideas about finding the new sound’s filename and folder location (if possible), so I can replace it with the old one? I know this is a weird topic, but for me it’s important. Also I apologize if this is not the place for posting such topics.

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