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      Hello guys, my name is Theo and i want to thank you for all the support you are showing to the people out there.

      I play wow from TBC and i never healed before, so i decided to start doing it in Legion and i have a blast with it. I really like it and i want you to give me your feedback on how am doing.

      With my guild we were able to clear 7/7 normal Emerald raid and Nythedra HC so 1/7 by now. The logs i will post arefrom the Dragons of nightmare. I personally took a look just on the healers and we did have 15% +/- over healing. I do not know if this is bad or good and if we minimize it.

      My Character was Theotaher in there so please give me some feedback  on my rotation or if am doing anything wrong. And check the healers prospective how do we improve our self’s or if it wasn’t our fault but raids fault not following the encounter and taking unnecessary damage.

      Before i was using “Cloudburst” for raid healing but after i touched “Echo of the Elements” i cannot give it away. Two riptides and all that synergy of riptide with many of my talents its so op to drop it. And i saw people taking “Deluge” and “High tide”. I personally dont heal much with my chain heal I was thinking using “Crashing Waves” but always before the raid am undecided what to use for the night. On that HC fight some people were out of mana at around 50%, how we counter that, any tips or anything.

      Thank you all for reading here is the wowLog. I appreciate your help.



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