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      This expansion I’ve been struggling since it dropped.   Maybe you hear this alot.  I used to be top heals blah blah blah during HFC.  Now I am bottom, really bottom, I think  Disc priest beat me once.  Well anyway.  I’m sitting about 900 gs.  My HPS ranges from 200 to 300.  Maybe its the gear drops and legendaries or playstyle or a combination of both.   My warcraft logs put me anywhere from 13% HPS performance on most bosses to as high as 30% on skorpyron where everyone is stacked.    There’s another Shaman who is 915 gs and has better legendaries, but I shouldn’t be healing on average 200 to 300 hps lower then he is at 15 gear score points should I?  Please help me.  I don’t have any Mythic Logs and to be honest our raid teams aren’t ready for Mythic yet.   I have alot of normal and a ton of heroic Nighthold.  So I’ll post those.   The other thing and maybe this is true for most shamans.   I tried to do a grevious and sanguine +8 mythic yesterday.  It was a nightmare.  A serious nightmare.   I couldn’t heal anyone out of the first stack of grevious without blowing my mana.  Well the mythic isn’t a priority, i think my raid performance is my biggest fear cause I’d hate to lose my spot on either team.  But mythics it seems is how folks get gear cause I can’t really get anything more out of the raid until ToS.

      Oh I forgot to mention, i have 6 piece and all of it is heroic except for the pants.  I have 5 legendaries (Uncertain Reminder [Helm], Roots of Shaladrassil [Pants], Sephuz’s Secret [Ring], Elemental Rebalancers [Feet], and Intact Nazjatar Molting [Waist]).  I have the head and legs in but i think thats wrong.  I have 51 ranks purchased about 500 mil away from my first Concordance.   Oh I’ve tried a few different stat priorities but i haven’t been able to figure out which weighs higher mastery or crit.  Is it situationally dependant.  I am gemmed and enchanted for crit right now, but i can change that to mastery.  I just don’t know what an acceptable mastery percentage is.

      Any help would be appreciated especially with playstyle.    I’ve tried ABC (Always be casting, hitting the healing wave with tidal waves.  It always seems like others are at the heals faster and I don’t ever run out of mana.    Well i have before and that’s when i constantly just spam chain heal, but that doesn’t increase the numbers it just becomes overhealing.


      Here are my logs….








      Thank you in advance,


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      Hey, I don’t know if you’re still looking for help, but this is what I think could help.

      This biggest problem that I notice is that your group is going 2/5/15 for what I assume to be farm content (you’re 10/10 heroic which is why I assume). Your healing in content that is not progression will typically be a little lower on due to our mastery, and also normally you want to have fewer healers on farm content, not more. One healer to four other dudes is the norm, like 2/3/9 or 2/5/18, on farm content you should be paring down a healer to squeeze more DPS out of the group.


      However, for things that you can change, I’ve noticed that you have Crashing Waves and EoE talented and that Riptide is often your most used spell, but it’s not paying out into more Healing Waves/Surges. I would recommend considering switching to Ancestral Guidance + CBT and stepping up the Chain Heal use. Chain heal is really, really good, and with you at 50% crit chance it is even better since you’ll get roughly a quarter of the mana back each cast. To also kind of put things into perspective, your Riptides are healing, on average, ~500K at the cost of one global cool down. Your CHs are healing for ~1.4M every ~1.33 (repeating, of course) GCDs, meaning that HPS-wise CH will net you more HPS when you are gaining your Tidal Waves.

      Also, I wouldn’t worry about trying to always be casting. Take this KJ fight for example,


      Where I cast the least spells in the raid but am the highest healer. It’s progression, not farm though so things may end up being a little different for your case, but judiciously placed heals combined with anticipating and preparing for incoming damage using our large assortment of CDs will let you do a lot of healing for very little mana, meaning you’ll have more mana for chain heals. It mostly comes down to knowing the fights and knowing when each cooldown will have the greatest affect, like Healing Tide when Krosus is going to slam and follow it up with an orb of destruction. Lots of people at low health so our mastery can really kick in.


      For stats you want to shoot for at least 100% mastery, and everyone will have a different comfort zone regarding haste/crit. Personally I like 30% crit and 10% haste, but I’m also lazy and cast CH too often so my build enables my bad habits. I would also give swapping the Elemental Reblalancers out for Roots of Shaladrasil (no bias, I swear) because they are heavily overstatted on secondary stats, having a third category absolutely free, and their healing really does add up, even on fights where you’re at full most of the time. It’s a boring legendary, but it’s free heals and amazing stats to boot.


      I hope this wasn’t too rambling and helps somewhat.

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