Grrr. Sometimes people in my raid really frustrate me……… !!!

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      So, we were doing our 4 Mythic Gorefiend kill last night. I have the last 20 seconds of feast healing cds. I clear my debuff first.

      On the 2nd and final feast, Gore was close to dead. Disc priest, Pally and monk CD’s were all used up at 30 seconds, so I started in on mine. With about 15 seconds left on feast, health was riding pretty low – average around 35% , many actually a bit lower. I call out for people to still keep grabbing the spirits, because if they hit the raid, sad day.

      Our Disc priest (He is further progressed on his resto druid in a different guild, and our RL often depends on him to explain new encounters and blindly gives him the reins all the time), yells out for the healers to start grabbing the spirits. I say, sorry I don’t have SWG up and I’m on healing CD duty (We are 4 healing….. the other 3 could do it without me imo). He yells back, move to the back of the group and soak anyway.

      So…….. I get that we want to maximize dps on the boss during feast to try to kill him before going back into the next phase, so send people out that aren’t contributing to dps. However, IMO if I stopped spamming my chain heal for even a couple seconds to move, there were a number of people close to death that would have died, which is obviously a much larger dps loss.

      I’m obviously not looking for answers here… just a safe place to vent my frustration :P.

      On a side note, my daughter was having a rough time sleeping and was in my lap doing her best to make it hard for me to do “Stuff” and we had a new recruit, monk with us, and sad day first time I didn’t come as far ahead for heals on this encounter /add more salt.


      Aaaaaand, how come Keenh didn’t live stream Alpha raid yesterday like he promised! >_<  😛

      Edit: Oh NM, I read the date wrong on that feed. /sigh

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      But answers are what you’ll get!

      Honestly as I see it, it should be a tank’s duty to run out and grab whatever remaining orbs there are after everyone has cleared debuff. They will do it most efficiently and it won’t cost the group a ton of damage either. It is rather risky if the boss is still not hard farmed to send healers out to soak excess orbs. That is how we handled it the first few times.

      As for stream, I should’ve had the broadcast saved, although as I didn’t know it was off by default it did not save so no playback sorry. 😀

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