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      I’m making this the Weak Aura sharing thread. Please include:

      • Pastebin link to weak aura string
      • Screenshots which clearly show what it looks like
      • Describe how the weak aura works

      Try not to clump too many WA’s together. Preferably, make weak aura’s available seperately (multiple pastebin links). I’m creating this thread so I can cherry pick the best ones and create this tier’s weak aura pack. Credit will be given where credit is due.

      Let the WA games commence!!


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      Hi, I made this Wellspring aura for everybody who is not sure, how many people he’s able to hit with his wave of splashiness.



      How it works: It goes through your raid and calculates direction to every player, compares it to the direction you are facing and adds one for everyone in 2/3 pi cone in front of you (wellspring cone) who is in 30y range. It does not count pets or summons , only players in your raid. When you are not in raid, the number on the icon disappears. I did not think, it would be much useful to make it work in party, but it could be easily added. The aura is triggered by your wellspring being off cooldown. Please let me know, if there are any bugs, it worked for me fine, when I tested it. Enjoy!


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      Best animation for riptide and rain! Author Afenar.

      View post on

      to Dorelei if u need translation just ask me or use russian copy-paste the name on russian and select english from top right panel.

      There are also a lot of standart WA from Afenar

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      I want that ‘thumbs up’ system in these forum posts as well :D. Thanks for sharing guys, keep them coming!

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      Маразм let me your b-tag pls

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      First time poster but I wanted to stop by and provide some of my information to hopefully help out. I recently found the site and like what you guys are doing. I am 13/13 M Resto shaman in the #1 guild on my server. I am heavily involved in theorycrafting and testing of new ways to maximize certain talents or boss strategies. I have spent some time building some pretty awesome WA’s for Resto shaman and I wanted to share them to the other users. I am going to post them here as soon as I get home from work (should be 1-2 hours from now). I also wanted to see if there was anyone who wanted any custom WA’s made or see if they exist or maybe want help learning a bit more about WA’s. I usually handle making all the custom WA’s for my guild and for the community for boss mechanics and I am sure some of you have seen them or used them (Think mythic Archimonde WA’s). I have already made some for most of our spells setup but you may want them done a little bit different or have an interesting idea we could explore.

      I use Grid2 for my mouseover macro healing. I use it to track which targets have my riptide and how much duration it has left (especially with current bonuses having chain heal apply a second riptide which can stack with the normal riptide) All my healing is done through mouseover macros and then all my damage is done through hardcasts since I keep the boss targeted. If it is a fight with multiple targets and the priority target continues to change, I won’t have time to keep track of targets all the time. I will pull all of my damage macros for cast on Focuses target and set me focus to be the main assist or tank to assure that my healer damage is going on the correct target.
      <p style=”text-align: center;”>

      -CloudBurst Totem: Icon management to track the spells effectiveness to make better decision to not waste its healing.

      • Shows when CBT is off CD.
      • Then when you cast it, it glows and shows the timer is has left.
      • It also has large text beneath that shows the total “Accumulated Healing” that it has picked up so you can know whether to let it run out or pop it early to make best use of its healing.

      Healing Stream Totem: Simple Icon to help management of HST and CBT.

      • Shows the spell icon with button glow and duration timer after cast.
      • How many charges (EotE)
      • It notifies you if its off on CD and you haven’t pressed it. (I weave HST and CBT, since they are both 30 seconds CD ( For now), so I want notifications to keep the rhythm going.)

      -Cooldown Dynamic Group: Dynamic group that tracks when major CD’s will be available next.

      • Tracks all major CD’s including healing CDs, Healing Spells (Optional), Defensive CD’s & utility CD’s. They are all color categorized and have a different bar background.
      • Bar Size, Color and location can all be easily modified.

      Legendary & Artifact Effect Tracking: tracking the stacks or effects gained from certain Legendary items and Artifact traits in Legion. Still under a bit more changes to make it more simple and visually appealing.

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