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      Hi there !

      So like the tittle said, i need some help. I’ve got many trinket and i don’t know which of them are the best for me, and it’s the same about which set of gear i should prioritize (i’ll explain later).

      So first of all, about trinket ! I play a crit heavy,chainheal build. And i don’t know which trinket to choose as second trinket.
      I’ve got “Vial of nightmare fog” (865) as first trinket, the very best for my gameplay i think (if i’m wrong tell me ^^).

      And now i’ve got in my bank :
      – Naglfar Fare (840)
      – Arcanocristal (870)
      – Cocoon of enforced solitude (850)
      – Amalgam’s Seventh Spine with socket (850)
      – Heightened Senses (865)

      Considering my build which of them should i take as a second trinket ?

      And now it’s about my gearing stats, i’ve got a lot of item sleeping in my bank.
      Here’s a list of the different stats i can get with all the item i got.

      1. : 37,20% Crit/ 4,26% Hast / 88,28% Mastery
      2. : 38,01% Crit / 6,15% Hast / 79,63% Mastery
      3. : 35,30% Crit / 8,18% Hast / 97,07% Mastery
      4. : 33,27% Crit / 11,42% Hast / 94,41% Mastery

      So, Should i focus mastery or hast after crit ?

      I’m Starting EN Myth (Nythendra down), so i really need to be best i can be. So i need some advice/tips.
      If i’m wrong somewhere tell me, and i’ll try to fix it !

      PS : Sorry if my english is bad, i’m a bit rusty ^^’


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      3. : 35,30% Crit / 8,18% Hast / 97,07% Mastery

      That would be the stats I would choose in your situation. I use the Cocoon to regain extra mana but that depends on your group and your boss. Ursoc is more chain-heal friendly as the spider or the tree. Most shamans tend to have a huge wardrobe and change trinkets and talents between bosses to specialize their play style on the unique abilities of every single boss. Amalgam’s would help you maintaining your heals without the urge to stop your actions (including movement!) while Heightened Senses would grand you immersive bonuses during procs you can not enforce. Naglfar Fare works with your other trinket in the same niche and I would tend to say its the best match in an overall view.

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