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      Hi guys!

      Currently, requests to assess logs are scattered all over the website, social media and the general interwebs. This is our attempt to give it a place. In order to keep it fun for everybody, please think of the following things when posting a request or reply on this forum:

      1. Do not post for someone else unless they specifically asked you to do so.

      We love helping people that are looking for more insight in their logs. We’re not so much interested in helping a RL providing arguments to remove their shaman from their team. Additionally, it is not very nice to see stuff published about you behind your back on the internet. Therefore, we aim to answer anyone who wants to get feedback, just not indirectly.

      2. This forum is a place to give feedback, not criticism.

      If you don’t know the difference, you should google it. It will make this forum and a bunch of other ones a better place. If you see something that our guys didn’t see, we’d love to hear it. However, be aware of how you construct your feedback. We’re not here to blame or to talk down on others.

      3. Provide your request for log analysis with actual logs.

      You may not know how to actually ‘link your logs’. This would logically prevent you from… linking your logs. We should have a follow up post in this thread soon with more info of how to provide us with logs.

      4. Create a thread per person.

      Don’t follow up a log analysis with your own request. This helps us getting back to you properly.

      5. Please be patient.

      We generally get back to people within 1-3 days, but sometimes IRL gets in the way. This thread has gotten rather popular. Sometimes we really enjoy looking at logs, and have all the time in the world, and sometimes it lacks a little. We do our best :P.

      6. Do not expect in depth feedback if you don’t post multiple mythic logs.

      In normal and heroic difficulty, damage taken often gets distorted. You can cover up mistakes with healing, or not experience any damage to begin with. The point is, damage gets distorted and so does healing. Additionally, over stacking of healers often takes place. Mythic is the place where things start to become a little bit more clear. This is where we can help you out. But then again, just one fight does not give us a lot of insight. Therefore,  a bunch of mythic logs is helpful to us. Does that mean you can’t post your heroic logs.. No, you still can. Just don’t expect us to give as detailed feedback as we can with mythic logs.

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      Do they need to be Warcraft logs or can you work with askmrrobot logs as well? 🙂

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      There’s three different ways to log currently (that I know of so add if you know more):
      Warcraft Logs
      World of Logs
      Ask mr. Robot

      In general, you have to sign up on the site and download a client. This client needs to be actively logging when you’re raiding. After the raid you upload the files to the server and can then view logs. Some sites allow you to restrict access to the logs (most notably WoL). If that’s the case and you want us to view them, you might have to change settings. Just keep an eye on that.

      We prefer Wacraft Logs due to our familiarity with the website. Ask mr. Robot is difficult to actually dig into your spell casting. Although we’ll try to make the most out of it.

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