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    Hey guys,

    I made this little weak aura that notifies you when you have 5 stacks on Focuser of Jonat (the legendary ring).

    What is does is.. it makes a ‘ding’ sound and show a little portrait of Algalon the Observer.

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    During sustained periods of high raid damage I often need to cast Chain Heal more often and can’t actually reach 5 stacks of Jonat’s Focus. I’ve found that 3 stacks provides a good trade-off between the boost to my Chain Heal and the time spent spot healing to gain those stacks, and wrote a WeakAura to track each stack with a building visual texture:

    Screenshots of the WeakAura at each stack of Jonat’s Focus:
    Jonat's Focus @ 1 Stack
    Jonat's Focus @ 2 Stacks
    Jonat's Focus @ 3 Stacks
    Jonat's Focus @ 4 Stacks
    Jonat's Focus @ 5 Stacks

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    Oh that looks amazing!

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    I love it!

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