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      Hello everyone,

      I’m not sure how is the state of resto shamans right now compared to other healers, but I used to be top heal in my guild in WoD but now I feels like I’m underperforming since the opening of the Emerald Nightmare raid.

      Some fights felt like the group were too spread so I couldn’t deliver a well placed Healing Rain or Gift of the Queen.

      Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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      I do not feel like chain heal is dominant at the moment.  My current talents are as follows

      Graceful Spirit
      Lightning Surge Totem
      Crashing Waves
      Ancestral Vigor
      Echo of the Elements

      This affords a nearly constant rotation of Riptide, HW/HS, HW/HS, with HR, HST, and GotQ on CD weaved in.

      I have tried the Wellspring/Cloudburst route as well, and while I did nearly as well on the meters I didn’t like how it felt to play as much.

      Last thing I noticed is Healing Rain is pretty low on your chart.  It is very strong right now and I attempt to cast it on CD.

      In short, I would recommend playing with talents and other rotations and find out where throughput meets a rotation you are comfortable playing.  Hope this helps.


      disclaimer: These are the opinions of an amateur resto shaman.

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      I use two different talent setups based on the fights in EN.

      For Ursoc, Cenarius, Xavius I use: Torrent, Graceful Spirit, LST, Deluge, Ancestral Vigor, Cloudburst, High Tide.

      For Ill’gynoth and Dragons I use: Torrent, Graceful Spirit, LST, Crashing Waves, Ancestral Vigor, Echo, Ascendance.

      For Nythendra and Elerethe (and sometimes Dragons) I switch between these two specs based on what my healing role is and how the raid behaves. If they are good at stacking I use the CH spec and if not I use the HS/HW spec.

      To answer your question I am doing fine compared to other healers in EN. I feel resto shamans are strong and fun to play. As the post above says, Healing Rain is very good and should be used on cd.

      Good luck in EN!

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      I guess I didn’t realise the Chain Heal spam style of play don’t work anymore. Also I didn’t know Healing Rain was that good.


      I’ll try to adapt my talents and style of play to each situation and use Healing Rain on cooldown.
      Thanks for your tips, this was very helpful.

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      I dont know what difficulty you are playing on, but I consistenly are top healing and very low in over healing. Here is a few pointers that I play by when healing normal EN:

      – Healing Rain up all the time.

      – Chain Heal for them big bursts

      – You dont always have to pop both CBT and HST at the same time

      – Use your totems intelligently (e.i. know the fight and when to pop them)

      I know these pointers seem obvious, but its what differentiate me from the rest of the healers.

      We shamans have so many awesome CD’s to blow and doing so all at once is just a complete waste of healing. =)

      Before I go, let me give you an example;

      Fight: Ursoc

      Strat: Pop CBT (Cloudburst totem) well ahead of the charge, since it deals a massive amount of dmg to half the raid. Then right after the charge you activate the gathered healing and boom “heals, heals everywhere”. This is a very simple strat and makes a ton of difference =)

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