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      I didn´t manage to find a guild for me , i am on Silvermoon so you would expect to be able to find a guild thats suits you.

      I only want to play resto shaman, nothing else gives me joy.

      No guild needs healers. As much as they advertise themselves as mature, they aren´t.

      I won´t buy legion now. Here it ends, I am sad.

      Regards Perelin

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      Hey Perelin,

      I too am on Silvermoon. There are alot of guilds recruiting, trade and general is full of adverts all day but the problem is the server is so jam packed full of people and guilds that finding the correct guild can be a long road.

      I am lucky, i am in a great guild right now. If you still enjoy the game and want to play i would suggest you persevere with looking. Unfortunately my current guild, Ice and Fire, are not in need of another healer (i don’t think) but with legion just round the corner then you never know…

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      if you wanna raid as resto it’s gonna be hard to not seek on other servers. Some tips are: look for guild runs on openraid, put up something in pre-made, spam forums (EU forum, mmo, wowprogress), speak with friends an so on. Remember, it’s end of expansion and people dont play as much, mostly they og in raid and log of to play other games, but when legion comes alot of guilds gonna recruit again

      I’m currently in the same boat where I dont have a guild. atm I wait to find a guild with good people and fun raids, it might mean I go without raids some weeks and get alot of declines from applications but hey, it’s worth it at the end

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      You’re at the end of mythic. We’ve been 1/2/3 healing this content for ages. That means that most rosters that are still actively clearing (fully) or in end of progress are saturated with healers. Many of them went off spec and heal when there’s the odd chance to. Even on Silvermoon this applies, while being one of the big four servers.

      It feels like you’re a little bit quick to include Legion to the current state of the game (and corresponding raiding opportunities). The prepatch and launch of Legion will feel much like a desert flood. It will green up and bloom like crazy in no time. Having the raiding background you currently have, will be a luxurious position when selecting a new guild in the times to come.

      Chin up, play some overwatch. We’ll see you in the prepatch! 🙂

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      Thanks for your tips, but the kind of guild i am looking for is not the kind that has recruitment macros for trade chat.Or searches for member in any active form at all. I was looking for a guild thats kills all mythic modes while current on a 3 night scedule. Gorefiend before “valor-nerf” was something i was looking at for example.

      I needed a guild pre-legion, so i can rush to max level and play 12 hours a day with my guildmates to get my main (and maybe an alt for split runs) geared to the teeth, and raid from day 1 the raids are out.

      I detest elitist behaviour tho, and everybody who takes a video game serious , gets angry over it, or insults people. And many raid leaders seems to think fear of mistakes is a good motivation for people to learn (we all know how true that is:/)

      Maybe i am just to old for the game.

      Thanks again for your answers, i wish you all the best in legion

      Regards Perelin

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      People who are recruiting do so using the methods available to them, ones you mentioned such as macros in trade chat and actively searching on recruitment forums. Guilds that are not doing this are simply not recruiting. So if you’re not interested in joining a guild that recruits the ways you don’t seem to prefer – you likely won’t find any guild at all.

      Seems to me you should probably keep more of an open mind when it comes to guild hunting. If you pre-purchase Legion, you’ll receive a 100 boost and can skip the leveling bit you talked about. The thing that will be difficult is finding a guild that needs a resto shaman(though, I am sure they are out there), and you may have to compromise on the level of progression a guild is at. Most guilds farming 13/13 Mythic likely will not need another healer at this juncture in the expansion, as half of their healers are either sitting out or dpsing.

      What is your own progression at? If you have no mythic experience, I don’t imagine 13/13 Mythic farm guilds will be willing to take you under their wing and carry you to completion of the hardest content the game currently has to offer. If you *are* 13/13 Mythic, it’s just a matter of locating a guild that is need of resto shaman services. Searching off-server is likely a good bet. Check out the recruitment forums via MMO champion or the official bnet/wow forums, there’s TONS and TONS of guilds looking for PEOPLE in general at this juncture.

      Hope you change your mind, because I’m confident there are guilds out there looking for r shams(as they are extremely strong this xpac and look strong in Legion as well).

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