Do we have to fear the druid?

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      The patch is in the pipe and with it the expansion of our artifact traits and we are now able to take a glance at the T20 bonus.

      T20 2P Bonus

      And the changes to the legendary boots.

      Changes of RDruid-Boots

      As well as the new golden trait.

      Golden trait 7.2 Druid | Deep rooted


      I fear that we may lose our place in raid and our unique play-style. Am I seeing demons or does anyone else get the drift?

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      I furiously hated druids during all Nighthold, and I continue to hate them more and more. I am also came with thought that druids can displace us. And the most disgusting thing in this: they don’t need to take a certain stat to heal targets with low health.

      What time is it? It’s time to throw out mastery and get items with Crit>Haste>=Versa!

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      At least I know I’m not alone. 😀 But yeah. I think it is real sad what they do to us by not doing anything. We don’t even show up in the patch notes. Have they forgotten about us?

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