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      Hello to all!

      My name is Gabriele and i’m playing shaman resto since Cataclysm, my main character before was a “stupid” arcane mage!

      In all this years i’d love so much the Shaman Restoration instead all others healers class.

      (Sorry for my English, i’m Italian)


      So, as the title of this discussion.

      What we gonna play in legion?

      Mastery->Crit->Haste at beginning for Resurgence and change in Haste when we got a better gear to substain our Mana?

      What you think about this.

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      Hi Gabriele! I started playing the game on an arcane mage too! Since Mists I am glued to my resto shaman :D.

      Stats in Legion. Now this is an interesting one. Shockeye also triggered on this subject in response to my raid testing article. I guess its time to do a little Legion guess work and contemplation!

      First of all, stats are being cleaned up! Multistrike is gone, and so far I have not seen any spirit. Spirit being the most notable change, since this affects our regeneration.

      How did we regenerate in WoD? Aside from our base mana regeneration in and out of combat, there was spirit from gear. A spirit weapon enchant (mostly at the start of the expansion). Elemental Blast (continuous regeneration in combat), instant mana potions and channeled mana potions. We had ‘Resurgence’ (mana being refunded through crits), although not as strong (and not as available in terms of stats on gear) as in Mists of Pandaria.

      So far in Legion, you have your base mana regeneration, your resurgence (crits), and that’s it. I haven’t seen Alchemy yet, but I assume we will still have potions (can anyone confirm?). So at this point, there is a few options where our strenght can come from:

      • Mastery – making our heals more effective
      • Crit – returning mana when critting
      • Haste – spending (and indrectly returning) mana quicker
      • Versatility – very tuning dependent (not highly tuned in Warlords)
      • Leech – works well, but messes with your numbers (also more preferable the higher the dps is – end of expansion)

      So theoretically, if buffed properly, there could be a scenario in which you start hoarding versatility. I’m not saying this will happen, but it could.

      But let’s look at the availability of stats on gear in Legion. Because, the stat that will be most available to us, will most likely form a foundation of our healing build. This is what our artifact looks like right now:

      View post on imgur.com

      View post on imgur.com

      View post on imgur.com

      Both our main and off hand have mastery and crit. Interesting! Also, look how the stat panel cleaned up nicely! Haste is the hardest stat to come by at this point. Please mind that you start out with 5% crit, 0% haste and 24% mastery (explaining the gap between the three) if you’re not wearing any gear at level 110. Aditionally, resto shamans benefit relatively more from mastery (+1 point of mastery means + 31 points of mastery).

      For 4832 points of crit, I gained 13.81% (roughly 350 points per 1%). For 5176 points of mastery, I gained 44.37% (roughly 116.7 points per 1%). This means that you gain 3 times (350/116=3.017) more mastery from the same amount of stats.

      We won’t be facing the same shields we were facing in the past expansion (changes to disc and pala’s). Mastery will still be important to us (its our foundation). But how this will actually play out will dependent greatly on trinkets, set bonusses and availability. Also interplay with other healers can affect this.

      Long story short, I have no idea. It can go in any direction, and all the factors mentioned above (and probably more) will affect the final outcome. If you digged up any info that could matter to this discussion, feel free to drop a line!




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      From a mechanics perspective I like Mastery and Crit being the most important stats, but from a gameplay perspective slow cast heals are very frustrating, especially when we see our heal target sniped 3/4 of the way through our spell’s cast time. So Haste is really nice to have and it just performs so nicely with the Resto Shaman ‘rotation’.
      Conversely from that gameplay perspective, Mastery and Crit are in some ways at odds with each other but also complimentary, so it’s a bit awkward feeling. For example, I throw a Riptide on a target to get the insta-heal plus HoT going, and to proc TW, but if it crits then my Mastery-infused heal following is diminished.

      Resurgence is a good ability, but if it’s to be our primary source of mana regen it needs to be significantly improved over the WoD version.

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        I understand all of this but, i’ve seen RDruid and all others Healing Class that have more base manaregen than the Shaman Resto. As you know we got only 44k, and druid like over 70k.

        So in base of this crit will be a nice stats to use. I’m really skeptical about Versatility, it need a large amount of numbers for be powerfull like the others stats.

        If we pop so much the Haste, we have several problem with mana, like this video as you can see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZF8R7CPcVw mine pov of Skorpyron, i’m at half mana when the fight are at 70%, because i used Mastery>Haste>Crit.

        From 2 days used Crit instead of Haste, but the problems are really similar, we can’t push so much like we do in WoD as you write in your post.

        So basically at the start of the expansion, we really need mana from something or I missed something.


        (Sorry for my bad english, I pray that all was wrote fine, because I’m Italian)

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      From what I’ve been reading the efficiency of Restored Shaman relies heavily on proper use of cool downs, be they talents or baseline, to power healing rather than just relying on our primary heals bolstered when needed by CDs. So therein lies, I suspect, the key to mana management.

      Perhaps you are doing that already, I can’t watch your video right now.

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      I am actually very curious about this and was wondering if someone with Alpha could do a haste breakpoint card where it shows when we gain a full tick before starting our next partial tick for each HoT ability we have. I’m mainly trying to figure out how well haste scales over crit in value to ascertain which would be the stronger secondary to shoot for after Mastery. I would love to just take anyone at face value but I prefer visual evidence and mathing it out.

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      I’m just going to leave this here..

      View post on imgur.com

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      Thats where I’m at a loss, I’ve had Canibe tell me that Mastery Haste is still the way to go… however I’ve heard a lot about how mana is an issue… hands down. In addition I see many Artifact talents that sync well with Crit and that some even devalue haste quite a bit… I seriously feel like our priority is going to be Mastery>Crit>Haste=Vers. Especially after asking some friends to give me rough estimates of tick increases based on haste (in lower level raid gear especially,) were talking maybe 1 tick on all abilities and slightly faster cast times, vs Crit offering Higher Resurgence procs all around= a little more mana to play with=slightly more throughput potential (Especially in sticky situations). In addition it also synergizing well with the increased crit chance of Healing Rain (more synergy with Gift of the Queen), Chain Heal, and Healing Surge. It also reduces cast times after direct crit heals by 15%-30%… It just makes more sense to run it that way in my head, especially after calculating theres only 325 points/% for Haste vs 350 points/% for Crit. I also believe we start with 5% crit baseline and 0% haste

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      This change just got implemented, and it is significant. I’m still searching for other differences in our artifact / spells / talents, to see what they took out in exchange for this. It is also very ‘available’ at the start of our artifact (you can pick it up after not even 1 zone of questing). Which hints to it being a core mechanic.

      That said, everything is prone to change (even) on beta. They said they were in the ‘tuning’ phase. I think this is more than tuning. You talk about ticks, that is what I consider tuning. Changing the impact of resurgence significantly at low crit levels is something else. I didn’t expect them to change something this big.

      Haste / Mastery is (traditionally) the way to go at the start of an expac, I don’t think that will change necessarily. Mana issues are part of that (traditionally as well). However, during the first raid testings, I had a fellow resto shaman soaring to the sky with his numbers. He had massive crit numbers through (now nerfed) jewelcrafting rings + sockets + socket bonusses. At that point, stacking that amount of crit (and chain heal spamming) was definitely the way to go.

      I don’t think we can say what the final situation will be like. A lot depends on tuning (and if they make big mechanical changes again.. on those). Therefore, I can’t wait to test what it will feel like in a few days during raid testing. Also, don’t forget the modifications artifact weapons bring. Especially to ticks of everything. Moreover because we get our hands on relics that can change the tick speed (of a bunch of different things). And changing ticks may be hitting break points, which may change our priority.

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