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      Hey all I am new here to chain heal but have been playing resto shaman for quite some time now in legion, something has been on my mind that I can’t get a direct answer too hopefully someone here can help.

      Does cloud burst totem store trinket healing effects? Like Concave reflecting lens? I don’t think it does but I could be wrong.

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      Hey there aithion! If you’re not already aware, you can hover over the CBT icon on your buff list and it tells you how much healing has been stored by the totem.  I don’t have your trinket specifically so I would be unable to test it.  I would recommend testing it using the stored healing amount (I use a weak aura to track the stored healing without having to view the buff icon) and use process of elimination to find out if it is adding to the CBT.  Hope this helps.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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