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      I’ve returned to healing as a Resto Shaman after a very long time as a Priest (10 years) after a long standing guild collapsed. We have already cleared Mythic EN last week and moving slowly towards Helya HC>ToV Mythic. Right now I’ve only healed up to Cen Mythic as I was a DPS and have been slowly transitioning towards healing full-time as we shuffle our raid team.

      Right now I’m looking for ways for improvement on gameplay. I’m working towards a more raid healing stance as that’s what I’m most comfortable with. As such I’m using the crit/mastery (100% min)/haste(10%-15%)/vers build to develop my character. At this time my options for trinkets are low having only access to outside of what I have equipped.

      • Fluctuating Energy 860 Mythic
      • Nightmare bloom: 840 int/haste
      • Bleached skull talisman 845 int/haste

      I know that Nightbanes stat stick is very good for us and I intend to do a timed run within the next few days. Right now I wish to improve my shaman percentile to a much higher average. Though I understand being with double resto druids it will be difficult at this time.

      My talents are situational as you will see on the following logs. Right now I feel I might be overly chain healing and without much in the way of AP there isn’t much I can do without improving my gameplay directly.

      PS: I know about the very low number of riptides on Ursoc, I screwed up cloudburst and it knocked me off axis for the rest of the fight.

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      Sorry it’s taken so long for you to get a response, real life has gotten in the way and as such there hasn’t been enough time to look through the logs. If you still need help I can recommend checking out the resto shaman channel on the Earthshrine discord and see if someone can help you in there (there often is), link found on this site.

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