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      What are our best in slot relics and do they change based on what legendaries we have?

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      We have so many situational relics and legendaries, but I like ones the effect our most consistent spells, like Riptide, Healing Rain, Chain Heal, Healing Wave/Surge etc.

      Ones like Healing Stream Totem, or Damage Reduction I avoid. But my favourite is Riptide by far, especially after its nerfs it’s good to make it feel strong again. And when you use Echo it’s fantastic, and when you use Cloudburst Riptide still feels solid.

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      What relics are better for you will more often than not depend on the play style you have. Try to think of it like this: if you’re casting a lot of Chain Heals a Floodwater relic will be more useful to you than say Buffeting Waves. This is assuming you have a choice between different relics, generally speaking, a higher item level relic is better due to the fact that increases the amount of Intellect we have. Empowered Droplets is generally always useful unless you’re only doing dungeons.

      Of course, if you have a lot choice you can play into strengthening the legendaries you have already, though since you might have several and may change them depending on the fight I would argue it’s a safer bet to look at what spells you use, what content you’re running and play into those strengths.

      If you’re wondering which two to choose from specifically you can always ask here or hop onto the resto channel in the shaman discord Earthshrine and ask there, there’s usually someone around to give and answer. I hope that clears things up a bit.

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      I would say,

      Tidal Chains (Tidal waves reduces the cast time and increases critical effect chance by an addition 30%)

      Queen Ascendant (Your direct heal criticals reduce the cast time of your next heal by 15%)

      because chain heal is our best heal and this is basically our way of decreasing chain heal cast time while not sacrificing mastery or crit.. in addition the extra crit will give you more resurgence which equals more mana regen. Id probably say as a third, Floodwaters which increases critical strike chance of chain heal by 3% per rank just for that extra crit

      Currently using Corrupted knot and shaladrassil’s blossom for another rank in the first two relics listed.. frost one is ass so not gonna waste my time lol

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