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    I was just wondering over the best in slot items from The Emerald nightmare as i dont feel like the list on Icy-veins is correct as they seem to not pick items like the Haste/Mastery ring from Evil tree.


    Link to the BiS list on icy-veins:

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    Yeah, I’m not sure of that list either.

    Also, all trinket drops in EN for healer seems viable, depending on what you need most at the time.

    I tried to make a BiS list myself, but it is hard nowadays because of the warforged/socket itens that is dropping every now and then.

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    What has confuses me most about that list in particular is the Ursoc trinket I’d be more inclined to go for the Cenarius one (not sure about the Dragon and must look through logs from our resto druid that got it the other night) but then again my that’s mostly to do with my personal feelings towards random proc stat trinkets that I can’t control.

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    Assuming same ilvl, what is a good trinket combination to use? There seem to be rather varying suggestions from different sources.

    Icy-veins is saying Cocoon and Heightened Senses. This other spreadsheet below says Vial and Cocoon.

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    Why all guides gives Cocoon so much love? I mean who have 10 secs of non cast heals in HC raids or Mythic 4+ ? Or it’s just for the intellect?

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    Just for the static int.

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