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      Hello CH!

      I just found your site this week as I am a returning WoW player from Vanilla-BC. I was a priest previously so this is my first journey into shamanism. I have really enjoyed the articles and community that I have encountered so far on CH, I hope the community continues to stay as supportive as it appears to be.

      I am in the process of trying to figure out what UI set up and Addon’s I want to be using for raiding and am interested in using audio triggers for when a few of my skills come off CD on top of the WA notification. Nothing fancy just a ding or whistle. Anyone have any ideas of a good place to start on something like this? I am a complete newb with WA’s so this may be something easy to do in their addon, if it is I appologize. I struggle with setting up stuff with WA even though everyone keeps talking about how easy it is.


      Thanks in Advance and well met.

      Júdg of Area-52

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      It’s still on my to-do list to start working with audio triggers for basic rotation stuff (riptide, healing rain, healing stream). Currently I configured them to ‘show and glow’ when I’m not using them on cooldown. However, I do see audio as a configurable option (WeakAura Options > Actions >Play Sound). How that should work exactly I don’t know, as I haven’t actually configured it myself yet.

      I do think audio is a great (subconscious) trigger to use. Selecting the right sounds can be challenging though. It’s especially great because it cleans up the need for information depicted on your screen. Fun to see I’m not alone with that thought.

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      Hello Shaman Friends,

      I just created an account to share this. I mostly use the Afenar Weakauras but customized them with soundbites.

      I created short names for the skills in a text to speech program for most of the Restoshaman skills.

      Theese Audiotriggers can be found here :!yFd2zaIK!ufyvvhtaX-8wXv3BNR5T9PWQ3oPS1XZcjJ-SAwvQpMM


      To make the sounds work you will need to have an Aura that starts showing when an action becomes usable. Then you go to Actions-> Play Sounds (tick the box), next you want to select custom sound and insert the path to the sound. If you just downloaded my folder just move it to yourwow\interface\AddOns\WeakAuras.

      The soundpath should look like the one in the screenshot then.  The example shows the setup for my riptide.



      Edit: If theres interest i can try to take a video of it all in action.


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      Hmm Edit — The post above didnt show up until I posted this but I will leave my response too. Thanks for the help !

      So I spent some time learning how to play around with WA and got the sounds working. If you click on the action tab you can have WA make sounds on icon appearing, or in my case on icon hiding. Some of the default audio files are to long for what I wanted do with them but if you dig through them for a bit you will find some that work for you. I know I used Water Drop and Shotgun. Since they will be going off quite often (Riptide and Healing Rain) you will want them to be super short.



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