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      Hi everyone, i’m an Italian WoW player, so forgive me for my bad grammar, hope you’ll still understand me.
      To begin with, i would really like to thank you, Dorelei, for this site. At long last i found a place where i can discuss with my fellow RShamans and confront my experience with theirs, and it feels awesome! I love your articles and guides because i can feel your love toward the game and resto gameplay, so keep it up with the good work!
      Back to some game-related consideration now. I stopped playing last year after 10 month of WoD, now i’m trying the Legion Beta. I like many of the new features Blizzard added with the new expansion, and i think that, overall, the RShaman got some love this time, but the new spells (the artifact one and the Wellspring) are a little underwhelming imho. Acting as expensive mini-cds, they should have been stronger in terms of flat heal values (in case of Wellspring) or buffing properties (6 secs 10% hp buff? really, just 6 seconds?).
      Last but not least, is it me or RDruids are erasing everyone else in the healing field?
      Thanks for reading mates!

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      Buongiorno Themadped! Thank you so much for your encouragement. Glad to hear my passion for the game resonates in the content we make.

      We currently don’t feel like we will be actively using wellspring either. A pity of the gorgeous spell effect. But who knows, we might pull it out here and there!

      Resto druids erasing everyone? Nahhh, they wish :P. I’ve heard this more often, and I don’t understand where it is coming from. Dunderz was talking about how they were testing running 2 resto shamans. Don’t worry! 😛

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