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      So I have played a holy priest for years and had to play an alt to be able play with a loved one and not move my toon.

      Fast forward a couple weeks later and I am mythic raiding trying to keep up with other healers.

      I’m sure they have ilvls over me but not more than 10 , not enough to keep me at the bottom of the charts. I am 100% certain my inexperience playing this toon,lack of strat or poor stat stacking could be the key here.

      I’ve tried getting help but the person who’s trying has always pvp’d shammy so it’s just not translating across well. Have a look at these logs and keep in mind I went from 890 to 925 in roughly 2-3 weeks of wtf am I doing.

      I think I need to be using CB totem more, remember to healing stream and drop some mastery.

      Armory Link

       Week 3 – Mythic Sisters Kill – Latest Log – Ilvl 922 ish

      Week 2- Link to guild fights at the start of the week – Carried @ ilvl 915 ish

      Week 1 – Heroic With previous guild around Ilvl – 913 ish



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      Hello there!

      First I’d like to suggest you head over to https://www.wowanalyzer.com/
      There you can have look at the basics such as cooldown usage, CBT feeding etc. It should give you a good place to start. If you’re new to resto shaman I’d perhaps consider using Echo instead of CBT until you feel more comfortable.

      Keeping track of set bonuses for more awesome Healing Rains on the fights where you can get use of it can help as well.

      Side note, awesome choice for race by the way fellow goblin shaman 😀

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