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    Hey everyone!

    I’m in a 2 nights a week raiding guild. We’ve got a decent pace, but it could be better. Since everyone’s gained 10 ilvls things have improved vastly for us ( we were stuck on gorefiend for a bit!). I’ve been very lucky with loot this tier, but I feel like I’m not pulling my weight at the moment. We 5-heal a lot of fights, we even 4-heal Kormrok at the moment. Our disc priest recently switched to another toon, so they’re still in need of items here and there, crippling their performance. Even then I feel like my output isn’t always as great as it could be, especially on the first few bosses.

    Guild Logs, some of our logs are set to private, these are mostly progress wipes.

    I must admit I am sometimes slacking healingwise, simply because I feel like there’s a lot of downtime so I just get all the lavabursts and lightning bolts I can. Cooldowns are generally set by the RL, not always in my favour: Iron Reaver 4th pound, when the first cd is up again too, so HTT doesn’t get used really, or the boss is already dead at that point. It’s been brought up that we should drop a healer, but we’ve struggled with finding enough dps, and I’m missing items for ele. I’ve also considered dropping spirit on some items, since I never seem to have any mana issues bar Hellfire High Council. For trinkets I currently have Phylactery M, Flickering Felspark M, Intuition’s Gift M, Unstable Felshadow Emulsion H.
    Hopefully you guys have some tips for me!
    Thanks in advance.

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    I suck at log analysis so I won’t even attempt that and will let the pros handle the deep dives! But Resto Shaman healing is basically built on two things – Deep Healing (Mastery) and cooldowns. If you are not making full use of CDs like HTT, SLT, and Ascendence, your healing numbers will be low. If you are finding that your raid is healed up before you really get a chance to do so, Mastery will be rendered much less valuable and your raid has too many healers. Dropping a healer would let you make use of both core spec strengths.

    It sounds like you’ve got the first few bosses on farm, so somebody healing could go DPS or you can just acknowledge that your performance will not be great on those, not because you’re a bad player but because your raid has too many healers. But when you get to the content that you’re progressing on, that’s when you should be shining (not necessarily topping meters, but meters for healing are largely pointless for ranking purposes) in saving people from near death and bringing the whole raid to fuller health very quickly via CDs.

    Bottom line is that farm content doesn’t matter performance wise. You want to look at your progression performance and like I said, the pros can do a far better job at log analysis and help there!

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    Hi Shalesia!

    I can understand that you’re struggling to see numbers with 5 healers. Its been pretty much default (on most fights) to run 4 healers in progress (not farm). I personally can’t recall needing 5 healers on any of the fights. Doing so will obviously hurt your output since you’re a shaman and not a disc priest. From what you’re describing: 4 healing Kormrok (normally a 3 heal fight during progress), and 4 healing farm content which you killed 15 item levels ago (raids used to be 720ish and now are 735ish if I’m not mistaken) – your HPS is going to be mehh.

    A few quick tips. I saw your armory, you can swap out that Spirit enchant on your weapon for Mastery, gives a little bit extra oompf. Also, currently you’re specced into Echo of the Elements, Ancestral Swiftness would be an obvious choice there (you might already be swapping this back and forth).

    Cooldowns. Now this is a difficult one. When I joined my current guild, they were somewhat overhealing the farm bosses and all healers had their own cd rotation coming out of progress as a healer team. We ran double shamans for a while, and I had to fit my cd’s in around his – not trying to create a double HTT moment. I’m not the most aggressive healer in pushing in my cooldowns (for sniping means) at expensive of other healers. I try to be accomodating and blanketing, ready to carry when the raid slides down. Thing is… you won’t see numbers this way. The other week we made a post about analyzing your own logs. Once bosses are on farm (and especially now with the item level increase).. cooldowns are no longer as needed, and not needed as often anymore. Go back into your logs, look at when you are using them, if you’re still using all (or if the boss is dead at that point), and if you could squeeze in extra cd’s at the start of the fight. Re-evaluate and be bold.

    Remember how on Kormrok progression, you would have a seperate raid cooldown assigned for each grasping hand and pound (at least.. we did xD)? I bet you now, if you wouldn’t use you cooldown at the assigned moment, the raid would probably survive. The base healing output at this point is so strong, you often don’t need cooldowns anymore. So here’s my advice. Dare to change your cd’s to optimize your output. If a fight lasts 4 minutes for you now, you can use a lot of cooldowns twice.

    Keep your spirit items for now (other than that enchant on your weapon), so you can keep spamming chain heal. Try to drop a healer in some way (I know this can be challenging), and I’ll poke Keehn to see if he has time to check on your uptimes/logs.

    Also: don’t be too bothered with the top rankings at this point. Its all 0, 1 or 1,5 (fistweave) healing at this point to get the top numbers.

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    Thanks for the input!

    I’ve been trying out Ancestral Swiftness on fights where we don’t need the double SLT, and we actually didn’t 5 heal Iron Reaver for once, which was a lot better.
    I’ve had 2 people suggest to drop mastery and go for a heavy haste/multi build, but I haven’t been able to find any other people doing this. I didn’t pick a shaman to heal with because I want to top the meters on every fight. It’s nice to do massive healing on a boss or 2, but usually there’s no surpassing a good disc anyway.
    No one’s all that keen on respeccing to dps, I’m working on ele gear, but not sure if I’ll get to dps all that much anyway!

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    I’m sorry for being slow on looking over this, but I’m really busy with semesterproject. It has to be somewhat finished for the 17. of december, might have some time during the weekend though so will see if I can get it done.

    Of course it’s not important to be top of the meters all the time, it just is a bit more fun to know that you’re utilizing the class to 100%. 😀

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