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      Hey guys! I absolutely love this site and haven’t been able to find another for other classes that can come close to the quality information you provide. I’ve only been playing WoD for about 2 months. In that short time I’ve gotten 13/13 H with my guild and recently been promoted to healing officer, now that I’m responsible for the healing core and raid CD call outs I need to be on top of my healing game. The main issue I’ve had was anticipating damage and using cooldowns accordingly, is there an addon I can use to track boss abilities to aid me in my newfound responsibility as a healing officer? I use both DBM and Exorsus raid tools and am unsure if there is a built in feature for this. Any and all feedback welcome, thank you for your time.

      Wow armory:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/Sh%C3%A5ggz/simple

      Warcraft Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/mgGzJxRrakKV3Fd8#type=healing&boss=-2

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      Hi Shäggz,

      First of all, thank you so much for your compliments. We’ve worked very hard to present what you see today, and we appreciate positive responses like yours. The questions you are asking are complex. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you are asking me this:
      1)You want to know when to call for raid cooldowns
      2)You want to know if there are any addon or UI modifications that can help you keep overview of this
      3)You want assesment of your logs? (since you posted them).

      If you don’t mind, I’ll focus on the first two for now. Managing raid cooldowns is mostly something that matters in progress, you have to figure out when to use what cooldown so you have a defense when you need it throughout the entire fight. Most of this, comes with experience. You’ll find that in mythic, your raid can’t afford to take much other damage than the intended abilities. Or in other words, people cannot make mistakes. The healers can carry through the intended damage taken, any other damage will likely become problematic. So here is part of your answer. In a way, all you need is either DBM or BigWigs (both are boss mods). They will tell you when something will happen. Your knowledge of the fight (mechanics), will tell you whether this needs a cooldown or not. The second factor is the actual cooldown management. Lets say an ability is about to ‘hit’ the raid. Which cooldown are you going to call? Do you know if it’s available? There is multiple ways to solve this. You can enable in Exorsus that you can see the availability on cooldowns (if i’m not mistaken). You can make weak aura’s, tellmewhen’s or maybe use a cooldown tracking addon like blood legion cooldown manager.

      Regardless, to prepare you for your task, I suggest you take the time to follow these steps:
      1) Look at what kind of healer team you have. How many, what class, what spec. Maybe have a meeting with them and ask them: what cooldowns do you have? When is a good time to use them. Understand this. Revival will top off a raid instantly, while tranquility, divine hymn and healing tide tick on the raid. Each with an optimal moment of application. But its not just healing cooldowns. Make an overview of: healing cooldowns, AOE damage reduction cooldowns (think barrier), and single target damage reduction cooldowns (think barkskin).
      2) Write down all the cooldowns the team has access to, and what cooldown time they have.
      3) In preperation for each fight, you need to hop onto warcraftlogs.com. Get an idea of your raid’s average itemlevel (exorsus will tell you this too). Look for guilds with a similar itemlevel and number of healers, and see what their average first kill time is. Why? If a fight lasts 6 minutes, you should be able to use most cooldowns at least twice. This helps you plan your cooldown planning. All damage taken in mythic is either to be expected (ability) or because of a mistake (which shouldn’t happen). In heroic you might dabble around and heal through things that would wipe you had you been lower item level. In mythic everything is more strictly tuned. As a benefit, you can completely anticipate with cooldowns.
      4) Make sure everyone in your team has ‘notes’ available to them. You can choose to use Exorsus notes for this (but there are other solutions as well). Per fight, you can ‘send’ notes to the raid, listing the cd’s per phase or ability. This way you don’t actually have to ‘call’ them. You just assess every few pulls wether the cd’s as listed work the way you guys intended too (this can very well be a team effort – which is kind of what you want – having all the healers thinking about when which cooldown is going to be most effective). What I tend to do in the start is help calling out abilities when they’re about to hit, or when phases are about to start and calling out the cooldown as listed on the notes. This helps the healers learn when its their time to do something. It becomes a flow and a rythm.

      In this scenario, you won’t actually have to ‘keep track of cooldowns of others’ as much as you’d expect. Since you pre-arranged cooldowns (and since you know the fight time and duration of cooldowns), you don’t have to ‘improvise’ and call out a cooldown out of the blue.

      My main advice would be. Be critical of the amount of healers you have to bring for a fight. Do not 5 heal fights, 4 heal them (Kormrok is a 3 heal fight). As a shaman, you will notice when you’re bringing too many healers quickly – your hps dies out (unless you have crazy gear in comparison).

      And to repeat: make this a team effort. Create a healer chat channel. Get to know the cooldowns of your team, let them explain them if you prefer. Pre-plan your cooldowns per fight and evaluate them with your healer team to optimize effectiveness as you progress.

      I hope this was helpful to you.

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      Thank you for your timely response. I have made the adjustments in DBM and Exorsus to track boss abilities and raid CD’s. My healing core is discussing each CD and which phase/ability they would best be utilized and implementing an order using Angry Assignments as well as a healing channel. Your advice has given me a foundation to build off of as my guild begins its progression through mythic HFC. I look forward to your analysis of my logs, at your own leisure of course.

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