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      Aphotyk – Area 52

      Thanks for checking out my post, my name is Aphotyk and I play on the Area 52 server.

      I feel like I could do better, it’s hard to tell how well I am doing or bad. Our guild runs a disc, hpally, monk and myself for heals in our mythic raids.

      Here is my armoury: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/area-52/Aphotyk/simple
      Here are my logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/11329977/latest#

      Thanks in advance appreciate the time.

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      Hey Aphotyk

      An issue is running too many healers, you’re running with 4 healers on a boss like Kormrok that requires maybe 2 atm, 1 if you have amazing gear. Kinda the same for Council where you run 4 healers. Spells are hitting overheal values of 75% of the actual healing being wasted due to it hitting topped players.
      You should consider swapping Echo for Ancestral Swiftness, the passive haste is fantastic and an instant cast has unlocks a million possibilities for sniping or planning ahead.

      Riptide is far off, it should be used a lot more frequently, it’s a rather large portion of our healing, and it will contribute even more through High Tide by ensuring that you get those additional jumps and thus utilize the talent properly.
      Healing Stream Totem on the other hand looks a lot better with little room for improvement.

      Unleash Life being used while moving amazing!
      But then Spiritwalker’s Grace, it is a bit inconsistent when you use this. On a fight like Kormrok where you move around (quite a lot in periods) I didn’t see Spiritwalker’s Grace being popped.

      Since you’re and orc I would’ve liked to see you use Blood Fury every time you used one of your cooldowns, there are no better times to use it. But sadly you’re not using it that much, you should probably just consider baking it into Healing Tide so that you pop it when you use Healing Tide.
      I could say the same about your Intuition’s Gift, you should try to make it line up with your cooldown. That being said, when you are running with 1-2 healers too many on some fights cooldowns are simply there to ‘pop whenever you feel like it’. You never really need them.

      Speaking of Cooldowns, is there a reason behind not using Healing Tide during Feast on Gorefiend? I can only see Ascendance being used while the boss channels Feast. Your Ascendance ends up doing more healing than Healing tide, which it never should since Healing Tide is a stronger cooldown regarding output than Ascendance.
      Ascendance healing varies a lot going from fight to fight and on a single encounter it wasn’t used. It will be more evident when cutting healers to identify where it fits and actually utilize its potential properly.

      Mana seems reasonable some fights you could squeeze it more but the most important part is that you are using mana potions when about to oom so you are able to regen. Just keep in mind that there is always the option of potting intellect with a cooldown. (again cut healers for this to be more effective)
      Elemental Blast varies a bit, but that’s only natural due to how fights demand different amounts of mana, it’s only up to you to identify if you need to press it more to sustain to the end of the fight.

      Hope there is anything helpful 🙂

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      Aphotyk – Area 52


      Thank you for replying to me so in depth, I appreciate what you have done.
      I took your advice regarding Ancestral Swiftness and I have been using this talent for the lower bosses (I use echo for gore) I do agree the passive haste is certainly more beneficial.

      I’m with your statement about my Riptide, I been having trouble with the uptime. I made some weak auras that display visually they are ready to be used (more of a reminder in intense situations). I have made it a point to look at every encounter to say to myself “do I need a long duration/short duration with quick cd spirit walkers grace for this fight” and glyph accordingly and play out pre fight WHEN I should use it, I do believe I have made progress.

      Thinking I should drop Healing Tide pre feast to top up the raid was good, not at all. So I’m with you Healing Tide needs to be dropped as feast is under way, I usually pop intuitions gift with that to top the raid off and maintain that level for a short while. I’ll roll my Ascendance, SLT x2, Blood fury. I am trying to pair all my cd’s accordingly to try and maximize all the benefits.

      Here are some fights I believe I’ve utilized my cd’s, spells and general rotation:

      Council: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/h8HMm7xbyqJpVGFZ#fight=18&type=healing
      Kilrogg: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/h8HMm7xbyqJpVGFZ#fight=26&type=healing


      Thanks again Keehn.

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