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      Hello, my shammy is atm my main alt but gonna be my main in legion and I would some help to push my healing more. the logs are from the wed raid (manno + archi NM, assault -> iskar hc) with my guild where I decided to bring my shammy because we lacked healers. would be sweet with sopme feedback how I can improve as healer ๐Ÿ™‚
      logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/TpM2KdaAXgyB3PfR#fight=1
      Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/magtheridon/Ketraknot/advanced

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      Sorry for the long wait on the review school stuff had priority ๐Ÿ™‚

      Riptide looks pretty nice, very small room for improvement here, same applies for Healing Stream Totem. On some fights Elemental Blast is a tad low, but then again it is up to you to look at your mana and determine if it is necessary or not to utilize it fully. Although more mana => more chain heals => more healing, in most cases.

      I would’ve liked to see Spiritwalker’s Grave being used more than a single time during a 6+ minute Gorefiend kill, not to mention it not being used at all on Council. Not a lot of Unleash Life casts either, it is a great tool for optimizing the downtime you have while forced to move location. Movement speed to reach destination faster and added bonus of 30% increased healing on next direct heal (Best used on chain heal).

      Looking on the manacurves you could’ve been more aggressive on some fights, although it is nice to see that you chose to use an intellect potion instead of mana potion on all of the fights. All mana above oom when the fight ends is wasted potential healing, so just fire away but be mindful about it. Getting into looking at fights after each attempt and analyzing mana will help pull up numbers, in some cases pretty significantly. Get comfortable with the cost of chain heal and look at the mana descend throughout the fight.

      Cooldowns are not being used optimally, some pulls they were not used at all even, and others when they were used they did little healing. The fact that they do little healing is most likely the consequence of overhealing content, or running with 2 disc priests.
      When using Ascendance you really need to emphasize the fact that it duplicates the healing you are putting out while it is up, you are then pretty much forced to spam chain heal for the entire duration.

      Meter padding concerning leech trinket:
      Of course the leech trinket is a strong trinket, but it will simply not benefit you any healing on the logs. We can look up the amount of healing done by leech though and try to assing it. On Gorefiend, the strongest case for leech trinket, it did 13 mil where you and the monk used the trinket, if we then assign it 50/50 (deduct what might be on gear) it is a significant part of the total healing done.’

      Hope it is what you looked for.

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      Hello, thx for the respond. I was thinking of the ascendance with spam chain heal, I’m currently running with glyph of chaining with make my waving easier, is it recommended to play without it to get more chain heals out?
      And I know the leach trinket is bad, it’s just that the trinket from first boss never want to drop for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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      The glyph was useful when we were on fights with a lot more spread healing and when mana was a lot tighter, but right now with the new 4p and High Tide it is not really worth it. You want to be able to spam it for some periods, Ascendance being a big part of this.
      I could see the glyph being somewhat useful on Iron Reaver and maybe Socrethar, but it all comes down to how well people position. If your raid is spread the fuck out it will be beneficial, if they have brains and stand appropriately you should leave the glyph. It will also make it easier to push out a bit more mana when you have the freedom of spamming chain heal.

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      I keep up on this one insted of making a new, is there any tips specific for archi hc? I’m usely send to neather and have a hard time time my Cd right so end up beeing low heals from my HTT

      log 1: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/7CJXqQNBhg12mDat

      log 2: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Z3HmjwkY1VpDWzg6

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      Hi Ketraknot!

      Iโ€™ve been out of the country for a bit, so a little bit late with replies and all. But letโ€™s have a look at your archimonde logs :D!

      The first loghttps://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/7CJXqQNBhg12mDat#type=summary

      A raid with 15 people and 3 healers. Sounds fair enough, in progression and for the first few kills. The fights lasts 7.37 minutes. Meaning that you can use all your big cooldowns about three times.
      I watched the replay of the fight, and your movement seems controlled. However I do feel like during 5.00-6.00 minutes you should look into if you can position yourself a bit more central in the group. This is when phase 3 has started, and youโ€™re all somewhat spread out. If it is possible to get everyone in your range, than thatโ€™s a win.

      Letโ€™s look at your cooldown usage

      Healing tide on this fight: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/7CJXqQNBhg12mDat#type=healing&source=1&ability=114942. One cast at 5.40, which is not a lot. May I recommend using your healing tide first on the first Shadowfel burst? This is when they occur: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/7CJXqQNBhg12mDat#type=damage-taken&target=-1&ability=183795. So at 0.40 and 1.30, and letโ€™s assume you use Healing Tide on that first burst. If youโ€™re in the catching group, throw a spirit link on top of it โ€“ or maybe just to help the soakers out.

      Phase two arrives, and we start taking damage from Shackles. The damage on the raid from breaking looks like this: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/7CJXqQNBhg12mDat#type=damage-taken&target=391&ability=185008. It seems like you get shackles four times until you enter phase 3.

      I canโ€™t find Ascendance being used. Spirit link is used once at 4 minutes. I highly recommend you using ancestral swiftness for this fight. You donโ€™t need spirit links, you need haste to snipe and burst. You pre-pot intellect, but you donโ€™t use it during the fight. I have made a suggestion below.

      Cooldown suggestion based on this log:

      – Shadowfel burst 1: 0.40 โ€“ phase 1: healing tide + spirit link
      – Shadowfel burst 2: 1.30 โ€“ phase 1:
      – Shackles 1: 2.20-2.40 โ€“ phase 2: ascendance
      – Shackles 2: 3.00-3.20 โ€“ phase 2:
      – Shackles 3: 3.40-4.00 โ€“ phase 2: healing tide
      – Shackles 4: 4.20-4.40 โ€“ phase 2:
      – Shackles 5: 5.20-5.40 โ€“ phase 3:
      – Rain of Chaos 1: 5.30-6.00 โ€“ phase 3: ascendance
      – Shackles 6: 5.50-6.10 โ€“ phase 3:
      – Shackles 7: 6.20-6.40 โ€“ phase 3:
      – Rain of Chaos 2: 6.30-7.00 โ€“ phase 3: healing tide immediately off cd (6.40) + intellect potion
      – Shackles 8: 7.05-end โ€“ phase 3: spirit link

      Tip: You could consider pairing your healing stream totems with the shackles.

      I think if you are in the second nether group, you can first use your ascendence, go into the nether, come back and pop healing rain. So try to get into that group and see if that works out for you.

      The monk, Tiraxi, used Revival once, at 7.10. He waits until the raid drop low. Use your potion, start spamming chain heal (while being in range of everyone) and pop healing tide. The group will never be very low and he will be tempted to wait to cast Revival.

      The second log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Z3HmjwkY1VpDWzg6

      The kill time is one second off this time: 7.38. Very similar to the other log. Again healing tide is used once, same goes for ascendance and spirit link. Tiraxi used revival at the exact same moment: 7.05 minutes. Not a problem when you bursted at 6.00-6.30.

      The dps was higher this kill.

      This is how I would align my cdโ€™s:
      – Shadowfel burst 1: 0.40 โ€“ phase 1: healing tide
      – Shackles 1: 2.00-2.20 โ€“ phase 2: ascendance
      – Shackles 2: 2.40-3.00 โ€“ phase 2:
      – Shackles 3: 3.20-3.40 โ€“ phase 2:
      – Shackles 4: 4.50-5.10 โ€“ phase 3:
      – Shackles 5: 5.20-5.40 โ€“ phase 3:
      – Rain of Chaos 1: 5.00-5.30 โ€“ phase 3: ascendance
      – Shackles 6: 6.00-6.20 โ€“ phase 3:
      – Rain of Chaos 2: 6.00-6.30 โ€“ phase 3: healing tide + intellect potion
      – Shackles 7: 6.40-7.00 โ€“ phase 3:
      – Rain of Chaos: 7.00-end โ€“ phase 3:

      Iโ€™m guessing this is what the fight should look like for you guys. Given that everyone does his/her job. After seeing both of these logs, the last cooldown plan should be your go-to approach. If you get a second shadowfel burst, you know dps is low or slacking. Use spirit link whenever, itโ€™s not the most important cooldown on this fight (probably when catching, or breaking chains or reducing damage โ€“ choose a nice one :P).

      I hope this was helpful to you.

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      thx for the feedback! I’m gonna try apply the second CD order and see if it make a different. just have a few questions.
      1) why is it recommended to pop HTT on Shadowfel burst when you could pop a SLT? or do u mean that I pre-cast HTT around 1-2 sec before shadowfel burst (cast it while we’re on the move)
      2) can it be smart to pop a SLT on Shadowfel Burst then pop a HTT on first Shackles, followed by Ascendance on second and one more SLT on 4th.
      3) how do u mean with “I think if you are in the second nether group, you can first use your ascendence, go into the nether, come back and pop healing rain.” personally I dont see the use for Ascendance in neather and I often use the 4rd neather do drink (or around 3rd neather).

      Also one more question that dont have with this logs to do: do u have any good tips on how to set up a healing CD order? my guild gonna start prog mythic soon and I’m currently 1 of 2 RL in my guild and need to sort ranged and healers out.

      once again thx alot for all the help! I’ve learned so much more since I heard about this site! love it and keep up the good work!

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      To follow your structure:

      1) SLT doesn’t matter in the whole fight. It doesn’t make or break the encounter if the raid doesn’t make mistakes. You can (of course) correct errors, or soften certain hits. I put SLT there because its often used to catch people from the burst. The reason why I recommend Healing Tide, is because (as mentioned before) the fight with your group lasts 7,5 minutes. This means you can use healing tide 3 times in the fight, if you can find good moments for it. If you look at it like that, you have to find a moment latest .40 seconds into the fight to use it. Out of those 40 seconds, the first shadowfel burst is the best moment. This is also why I made the cooldown overviews. It is to maximize your cd’s given your current kill times at moments where the raid is actually benefiting from your healing. And yes, I often precast Healing Tide there, and that is a very good thing to do to optimize the ticks.

      2) Pop SLT whenever it makes sense. Its not needed anywhere, so use it at your convenience. The reason why Ascendence is on first shackles is again cooldown management. You’ll need it up at the 5 minute mark, and for that to happen you need to pop it latest 2 minutes. Which is the moment the first shackles spawn (that is if your group pushes to phase 2 after 1 shadowfelburst – which should be expected at this point).

      3) No, don’t use ascendance in the nether. Use it before. You should not pop cooldowns in there, and neither am I suggesting that. What I am saying is, convince your raid leader that you need to be outside for the first Rain of Chaos, so you can use Ascendence on the raid. Go in the nether if needed (which probably isn’t needed to begin with), and then pop your Healing Tide on the second Rain of Chaos. Given your logs this should provide the raid with the healing they require at the moments they need it. I don’t know how it exactly times out.. you’ll have to find out. I haven’t been in the nether in heroic/normal in ages. We always skip it. On Mythic, the whole raid spends have the fight in the nether so that’s different.

      4) Dealing with healing cooldown orders – I recently responded to someone about this same thing. Check my response to this post for more info on this: https://chainheal.com/forums/topic/719-ilvl-looking-for-any-and-all-feedback-guild-starts-mythic-hfc-in-a-week/. I am working on something else in this regard, but it isn’t finished yet. Keep checking in on the site for this :).

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