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      I’m an ele shaman MS (which will be evident in my gear) and the past week i’ve offered to help out healing, since we had low healer signups, to keep the raid happening.
      I’ve only healed a few times in SoO farm raids (just for lolz, tbh) and the logs i’m linking are the 2nd time i heal in this expansion. (First time was 3 days ago on a normal clear, didn’t have much to heal). I’ve read up on how to resto and tried to read up on most dangerous encounter points to optimise cd usage, but beyond that, i’m still getting to know the abilities, even sometimes loosing awareness because of tunneling.
      Tbh, Fel-lord was a 1st kill for us, so i’m not really stressed, but i did feel like i was underperforming. I looked at the logs myself, but i’d really like your input on their analysis, since your experience is immensely greater.
      My gear is really lacking, but it’s all i have for now and as a ms dps, i’m not exactly prio on healing gear. Please comment on what i can improve on, so the hps difference with our ms healers can be bridged.

      Soc and Fel-lord heroic

      Thanks in advance, really wish this place kicks off!

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      Hey Skionna 🙂

      Okay let’s go over the spell uses. You Riptides seem to be a bit low and this can be seen on the effective bounces you have on Chain Heal. Especially on your Fel Lord kill you were not utilizing Riptide enough, and that resulted in only having ~4.2 hits for every Chain Heal you cast. Riptide is the most efficient heal we have and should be used on cooldown, not only because of how it interacts with High Tide but also because of how strong it is compared to mana cost.
      Elemental Blast had a tad low use as well, I mean this is something you have to evaluate yourself, are you struggling with mana? Because if so you could gain more by casting it more frequently. You can spend less time on Elemental Blast as your gear/regen improves, but at your ilvl and with suboptimal resto gear you should use it more often.
      Healing Stream Totem was okay’ish, could still be improved slightly.

      You didn’t use Spiritwalker’s Grace a single time on Fel Lord, it is very strong on that fight imo. You are forced to run from Cavitation, soaking pillars, Seed of Corruption. It is something to learn as you play the fight where the spell is best utilized, but not using it at all is a bit of a waste. This could probably have resulted in you casting less Ghost Wolfs to move (Usually something you want to avoid unless you’re completely fucked and need to move very fast SANIC!).

      I noticed (from the replay) that you cast Unleash Life while standing still, this is something you should aim to never do. The spell itself is simply not strong enough while stationary compared to any other spell you could be casting. You generally only want to cast it when you are forced to move, due to the speed increase you gain and because it’s one of the only instant casts we have (Riptide, HST, and this).

      Your mana management for Fel Lord looked great, in the way that you spend every single drop of mana.

      Just a fast overview I made.

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      Thanks for looking into it Keehn xD

      Riptides and Elemental Blast low usage i noticed even during the fight, many times i looked at their icons and saw them off cd, meaning i was late to use them. Especially Blast, i did miss the regen in Fel-Lord. Being a progress fight for us and doing many mistakes made me forget about riptide often, spamming chain heal to get everybody up. (although i was happy we were wiping, helped me a lot to learn the fight ;))

      Grace is just bad play on my part, wolf was a reflex of learning a fight while performing a new role.

      I’m not trying to justify anything, just providing you some insight on how the fight went.

      I used Unleash while not moving to buff up healing waves and chain heals. Is that wrong? I thought that i should do that as often as possible. But i see in your guide that you advise to only use it when moving…I’m confused about this, tbh.

      Also, I have a question. When playing High Tide and without T18 4-piece or class trinket, should i cast chain heal on a player with RT, or without? Who is injured, ofc.
      Finally, what is the optimal number of bounces i should be aiming for? (Either with Echo or AS)

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      It’s okay, I did only look over it very quickly 🙂

      The thing with unleash is that it just does little to no healing on itself, the buff it grants other heals is not enough to make up for this. There are special cases where it can be useful, but it requires people to be at full health and a big hit is about to hit the group, then you can use it before-hand and pre-cast a Chain Heal. It should very rarely be considered when stationary, also because when you have to move, it has so much value, that if you have it on cooldown and have to move, the lack of the spell is going to hurt you.

      As of right now you don’t gain anything for casting Chain Heal on a target with Riptide already on, they removed the bonus and straight up buffed Chain Heal. When you get 4p you should almost always prioritize targets without Riptide on.

      You should be aiming to reach 5+ bounces with Chain Heal, but getting used to casting Riptide on cooldown and eventually getting 4p will make this an easy feat to achieve. The amount of bounces shouldn’t differ with either of those two talents.

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      Great, you really clarified some issues for me. I was still under the impression that RT buffed CH on first target….

      Big chance i’m gonna be healing again tonight, so i’ll try to put these things to work and see how it goes.

      If you find sth else, in case you look deeper into it, please let me know. You or anyone else ofc xD

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      Hello again,

      First of, just a small thank you for helping out!
      Moreover, I’ve continued healing last couple weeks as, you know, resto cds are really OP. If you got the time, in the link above you’ll find more recent logs to evaluate. Yesterday i finally got 2-piece t18, aiming for 4-piece now!

      Also, i got the class trinket. I mainly want it for ele, as it is really needed there, but i do have a question for resto about it.
      Now, i’m still low on spirit. My ele blast uptime is increasing, yet still not on cd, as, on many occassions i have to spam chain heal to heal through inc dmg (or ppl screw up things!).
      I equipped the class trinket to test it out last night, because my only other option is this: Winged Hourglass Stage 4
      Which of the 2 do you think in better? My other trinket is Desecrated Shadowmoon Insignia , and i can’t change that as my mastery will dip too low.

      So, it’s either class trinket or hourglass (stage 4). Which would you advise is best?

      On another note, to force myself to use UE when moving only, i unbinded wolf from where i usually have it, to make it harder for me to cast it. Ofc i still have it bound (sometimes it’s the best choice), just on a different key, where my fingers don’t go automatically!

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      Personally I’ve never felt that the class trinket did anything amazing for me, might be because I already had 4p when I got it. I don’t know how it would be if you were without it, it might be a big help keeping the riptides out there. But it feels like regen might be a safer bet though, looking at your gear you probably need the regen a bit more than whatever output the other trinket would give out. I will agree that the council trinket is stronger than the other two.

      Yeah it takes some practice to relearn how to use UE, considering how strong it was during MoP with healing rain.

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      First of all, sorry for necro’ing 😉

      I just wanted, although really really late, to thank you for your help. It might have been small for you, for me it opened a playstyle i was kinda afraid of; healing. Now, all i can think of is when the new tier of progress will arrive, to start healing meaningfully again!

      Just to show you my appreciation, I’m linking my warcraftlogs profile here, to showcase the immense improvement in my healing, after this discussion & clarifications you gave me. The difference after the beginning of November speaks for itself.


      Since January i took a long break due to IRL, that’s why my logs end in December. However, for Legion, i’ll be back on my shaman, healing as main.

      Your site is bookmarked, of course! I’ll try to engage myself more with this community, besides just lurking for info. Keep up the good work!

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