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      Hey Chainheal Community!

      My guild just started doing mythic hfc within the last month. I feel pretty comfortable with the level of healing I’m currently putting out, but I know there is always room for improvement. So I’m looking for any advise or changes I could make to my play to help improve my raid team’s chance of downing the boss more so than just increasing my personal numbers. I currently run with the Echo, Streams, Blast, and Tide build using M Felspark and H Phylactery over the other trinkets at my disposal H Socketed Core, and H UFE.

      As I’ve analyzed and watched myself through logs and recording, and I feel as if my biggest areas to improve are:

      1.) Cool Down Management – I feel like I’m sitting on CD’s waiting for that O-Crap moment and by the time it comes I could have used and had a CD recharge.

      2.) Elemental Blast Usage – From watching myself play, I’m not casting it as often as I should on fights leading to some tight spots for mana, especially in our High Council progression.

      3.) Ensuring to have enough riptides rolling on different targets.

      Here is the log from last night’s raid, this was our second Kill on Council and 4th Krom and 5th Reaver and Assault.

      My perspective for the Council fight from the log above.



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      Hey Yocum

      Well Riptide is being used frequently but I can’t tell how many people you have them on, which isn’t super important due to the added riptides from our 4pc.
      Healing Stream Totem looks fine too, although varies a bit from fight to fight in the frequency of being cast.
      Elemental Blast is definitely on the lower end, although you have to look at your mana throughout the fight and determine whether or not the additional casts would be worth it to gain more mana. Should you come to the conclusion that you actually don’t need the mana from it, you should swap it with Primal Elementalist for increased output. Can see that you only had 4 casts of Elemental Blast on Kormrok so something to consider, where no potion was used as well -> Drop EB pick up PE and power cd’s more and maybe use intellect potion during that (if not mana is needed).

      On Kormrok you’re not using Healing Rain at all. Yes the fight does not favor it but still consider pre-casting it before Grasping Hands occur, adds some more healing. When looking at your mana curves for this fight in particular I can see that there is plenty of room to be more aggressive and spend more mana. You even end the encounter sitting on 30% mana left. You could easily throw more Chain Heals, drop Elemental Blast all together for PE or swap your weapon enchant for mastery (Mark of Bleeding Hollow).
      For Council you should try to keep Healing Rain down almost throughout the fight, the group will be stacked nearly 100% of the time and you rarely reposition, this is optimal for using healing rain. Mana on this fight is depleted completely when the fight ends, and here you’re right that casting Elemental Blast more frequently would be beneficial.

      From the footage I can see that you’re using Unleash Life a lot when stationary, which isn’t really optimal. The spell should only be used when you have to move, outside of that every other heal we have has higher priority/value to cast.
      Spiritwalker’s Grace is not being used, which surprised me if you don’t feel the need to pop it at any time during either Kormrok (4:17) or High Council (6:30). I can imagine several times where it would add more quality with the option of moving while casting. Or as you click the warlock portal in the video you could’ve popped Spiritwalker’s Grace and thrown some heals while moving back to the group. (Although avoiding the portal would be preferred)

      Echo of the Elements is a thing of the past, it will give you additional charges, maybe adding a bit more flow/easing into utilizing riptides properly. Although I would recommend going Ancestral Swiftness because the 5% additional haste will make the class feel a bit more fluid and the occasional instant cast has a lot of uses. Either use it to plan ahead (dropping healing rain ahead of the group when moving) or to snipe an incoming hit (Chain Heal on Grasping Hands Kromrok).

      In my opinion you should consider benching a healer or two on some fights, Kormrok is easily solo-healed by now and it is possible to two-heal High Council with a proper setup (Dispell charges). Will definitely help on the cooldown situation as well, not being 4 healers to ‘pad’ the entire raid will display more clearly when to pop a cooldown. When overhealing content this kinda blurs out and they become redundant due to healers having too much strength standing alone. More experience will also help!

      Then on a more personal matter I feel that you have a lot of clutter on your screen, 3 bars to display your mana and 2 bars to display health and cast. Then I would maybe remove the scrolling numbers to the sides, how important is it for you to know that Healing Rain healed x targets for y amounts of healing? (My opinion ofc) The same goes for the information scroll on the top. And then the bars over your player frame displaying buffs, to me it’s a nuisance.
      Sorry for the rant on your UI xD

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      Hey Keehn,

      I truly appreciate the feedback, especially on my UI.  I am working to clean it up considerably.  Would you mind showing me a shot of your UI from an actual encounter?  I just switched to a desktop to raid within the last few months, from a 13″ laptop to a 24″ display in 2k, so I’m still learning to use the space available to me correctly.  I think I had things like mana listed 3 times because I was having a hard time adjusting to looking further for it.

      As to the healing tips:

      Since I posted I have switched to AS for most fights as I read on another post if you’re not using slt at least 3 times in an encounter AS is better.  And after switching I have noticed a decent throughput difference.  I still need to work on using AS for the instant cast.

      For healing rain usage, I will work on better placement during Kormork.  I still have it in my head that it’s kinda worthless without conductivity.  I don’t really know where I got this idea, but it’s a bad habit which I need to break.  So thanks for this input.

      Elemental blast usage is a rough one for me, but your suggestion of using PE is a good on especially for fights where I’m not having mana issues.  The extra 2 min of 10% healing buff would make a huge throughput difference.  I will give this a go on my raids this week on fights I know I can swing it.

      I’m noticing a trend with my own play-style that I’m struggling to learn when to use CD’s major and minor approportley.  I think this comes from the days of vanilla/bc when the shaman really had no CD other than AS.  Do you have any ways I could practice CD usage to learn of when to use them better?

      I will have to talk to my rl about benching a healer.  Our issue right now is we are still recruiting our 4th healer, so were are over healing content to make sure we get though, as we’ve only been doing mythic for about 4 weeks now.  I hope to get some attempts two or three healing some fights as you suggested, but ultimately it’s not my call.

      One other question, as far as trinkets are concerned.  What did you find yourself using during your guild’s progression?  I’ve done some testing with UFE and DE and DE and FS.   (Best of what I have to use)  I’m finding a negligible difference for me leaning towards DE + FS.  I’ve read the post https://chainheal.com/trinkets-in-hellfire-citadel/  .  But I was curious to see what you used.

      Lastly, thanks so much for the input.  Your insight not only to my logs, but on the shaman community is greatly appreciated, so truly thank you Keehn.




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      Sorry just found your UI on your post here, so forget that part.

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      At the very beginning I ran with the Blast Furnace trinket (http://www.wowhead.com/item=113889/elementalists-shielding-talisman&bonus=562:567) and honestly I have forgotten what other trinket I used from BRF going into HFC xD. Although shortly after starting hc clears/splitruns and what not I got the Demonic Phylactery and ran with that and Blast Furnace trinket until we finished progress and quite a bit into farm as well. Shitty RNG yes please. So you have a bit better options than me. 😀

      The leech trinket in itself is super strong for progress and it will do a lot more healing than you’d think, making it one of the strongest trinkets available. The biggest downside to it is that you’re not being credited for what healing it provides, a major bummer when looking at meters, but it’s amazing for progress.

      I think it took a month at least to get a second trinket from HFC after we had killed Archimonde.

      You are more than welcome and thank you! 🙂

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       not being 4 healers to ‘pad’ the entire raid will display more clearly when to pop a cooldown. When overhealing content this kinda blurs out and they become redundant due to healers having too much strength standing alone. 

      This ^. When the raid truly starts dropping and you’re with 2 healers.. you’ll find your cooldowns somewhere, even if they’re still in your spellbook :P.

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      Thanks, Dorelei.  I’ll see if I can get my rl to let me and another healer try 2 healing a few things for practice.  Thanks for the input, again greatly appreciated.

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