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      Way too many greys on my rankings, and I really feel like I’m not pulling my weight on a few fights (HHC in particular). I have only just started healing full time, played a lot of Elemental casually until about a month ago when I joined a mythic team. Also feel I could do better on the shaman bread and butter fights like Gorefiend and Tyrant. Appreciate any feedback thanks!

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      Heya Dasafak!

      We were feeling a little bit useless last night… warcraftlogs was down :o! Hoping to get back to you soon :).

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      heya, yeah I noticed WCL went down right after I posted lol, not in urgent need of help anyway, they still want me for my totems! Just feel I could be doing a bit more throughput, thanks 🙂

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      Hey there , after looking at your logs all i can say is that you are doing more than fine. Chain heal is doing more than 5 bounces on average which is rly good, elemental blast is being used fine as well.
      Reason why your healing is low is mostly cuz you are running heavy healing setup ( 2 paladins and disc on most of fights ).

      Things that you can improve: Your major cds are doing low amount of healing , for example on council on 6 min fight you used healing tide only once and it did only 2.4mil healing which is rly low.
      You can try running with AS instead of echo so you can snipe heals bit better with more haste but overall really you are doing well considering amount of healers you are using.

      So my advice for you is to keep executing fights correctly,do whatever is raid leader asking from you and dont worry that much about numbers while you are heavy healing fights. If you ever reduce amount of healers and you still have issues with numbers feel free to update us with fresh logs 😀

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      Hello, alright then thanks for having a look, appreciate the feedback. 🙂 I am still pretty new to the team so I have been conservative with my CD’s while I get used to the kill/phase timing. I guess I will work out where I can squeeze a few more CDs in, cheers again!

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      Hey Dasafak

      I will try to pitch in with what I have and not repeat Halu too much. 😀

      Starting with mana, it generally looks good but on some fights you end on 50-70k mana left. I know it can be a struggle to spend it and spend it properly on some fights, but it usually will give a better outcome to end completely dry. You also didn’t use mana potion on some fights, I would’ve liked to see you using intellect potion instead, to really apply a little more ‘umpf’ to cooldowns or them chain heals, but sadly that was not the cast.

      I get the feeling that you were using glyph of Riptide on Kilrogg (zoomed in and saw 5 casts in ~5 seconds). I can understand why you would consider it, but it’s just not worth it imo. You will nerf not only the healing done by riptide, but also the healing done by 4p, since the riptides procced will also suffer from the heal reduction. Other than that your riptide use seems fine. Healing Stream Totem looks great as well.
      Personally I could see Elemental Blast being used more, it would grant you some more to play around with. You want to have mana in overflow meaning that you’re never going to think twice when considering casting a chain heal. This is partly what I also derive from mana curves, you could be a tad more aggressive with chain heal, and that especially being more underlined when casting elemental blast more frequently. Not that few elemental blasts necessarily is a bad thing, sometimes the need for mana simply isn’t there. This being either because of super short fights or no damage incoming at all.

      As Halu mentioned your cooldowns could be used better, and sometimes (Looking at Iskar) your didn’t use your Healing Tide or Spirit Link once. This could be because you are just following orders and saving them for callouts, but it is a bit sad to sit through close to 7 minutes without using HTT or SLT.

      Let’s look a little at movement. You are not using Spiritwalker’s Grace that often it seems. On a few of the bosses you haven’t used it at all. I know it can be something to get used to, but once you do it will open up for a lot of freedom. Being able to pop it and retain the ability to cast while moving, it will just add so much value and be a huge quality of life addition. It could be that you are trying to hold onto it for more serious situations, but don’t be afraid to pop it, it will only help in remembering it in the future.
      I could say something similar about Unleash Life, it will be a great tool for you, once you get used to popping it during movement (Some fights it is not cast). Adding that movement speed, being instant and buffing your next heal, it is simply amazing for movement. This will probably also help getting rid of some of your ghost wolf casts. Not that it is a disaster to pop it, but casting it 7 times on Iskar is a bit much.

      But a big reason for numbers (across the board) to be a bit lower than what you’d like to see is because of the setup you’re running (yay repeating Halu). It is a big kick in the nuts for a resto shaman to be put in a group where there literally is nothing to heal. We will shine if the group is allowed to dip, but we will struggle when it is not the case. Pretty much the case for every healer with discipline priest as the exception.

      These are somewhat minor things, but it is still something to work on.

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      Wow thankyou for the detailed response, really appreciate that, and definantly some things I can work on that I hadn’t considered.

      I had played with glyph of riptide once or twice and decided it really wasnt worthwhile, that’s in the bin now!

      I will try to change my playstyle a little in regards to CH and EB casts, I get a little lazy when there in’t much to heal but I think it will help my numbers to keep some kind of “rotation” happening while staying mana neutral.

      I never really considered ending a fight with mana as a waste, but you are absolutely correct, it’s just scary how fast you can oom when you get reckless with CH, learnt this the hard way while learning to play my shaman lol, definantly something I can improve on though.

      I’ll be using my CD’s much more agressively next week unless it’s needed to be held for something along with everything else mentioned, should help a lot. I do notice around a 50% incease in my healing throughput when our disc priest isnt there, so yeah sadly our setup is no doubt having a big impact, oh well at least I get to play Elemental on Xhul, now that is fun.

      Thanks again guys.

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