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For healers Krosus is a fight where you want to be focusing ALOT on burst healing rather than throughput healing, you should be looking to top off the raid as quickly as possible as each large damage ability goes out ie slam and orb. For this I’d suggest swapping CBT build for this fight with unleash life as well. Even though echo works well with your 4 piece the on demand healing from cloudburst is super useful. You want to be stacking your Jonats combined with Unleash Life to empower your chain heals and top people up fast.

Its also important to know which parts of the group are going to be taking the most damage during each ability to maximise your mastery, for example an orb is going to deal MORE damage to your ranged because the explosion is closer to them. You also want to try and use timers to try and get your heals out as soon as damage goes out ie firing a Gift of the Queen on melee as soon as slam is about to go out.

I also noticed that you’ve had a few close calls, this might either be to no enough damage going out and the final bridge breaks or there is too much damage towards the end of the fight and the healers cant keep up. Either way having Ancestral Protection during the last few dire seconds of a fight can save alot of people and being able to revive a dps is crucial because every bit of damage matters in this fight. I’ll leave you with my own logs from my Krosus kill tonight so you can see how my guild handles things.