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Completed mine last night on the second time Mage Tower was up. I got 40 tries in on the first mage tower, and this time completed it on the fifth try. I only got past phase 1 twice – it’s by far the hardest phase. The huge difference between last week and this week was Bloodlust Helm, our new Golden Trait, and 4/4 Buffeting Waves. The combined power of these three made the challenge pretty trivial compared to last week :/

Talents I used were Undulation, Crashing Waves, Gust of Wind, LST, EotE, Ascendance, and AV and I don’t really see any reason not to go this route.

Bloodlust Helm + Roots of Shaladrassil. The other legendaries I had were boots, waist, and ring. All 3 are pretty awful.

Gear was ilvl 901 with about 30% crit, 8% haste and 105% mastery. I used 905 Dreadstone (from Cathedral) and 880 Brinewater Slime. I used the four piece set as well bypassing the helm and legs for my legendaries.

This guy does a phenomenal job of explaining the fights and guiding you through – highly recommend 🙂