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My equipped ilvl was 909 or 908 when i did it (cant remember really :p).

The legendaries i used was praetorians tidecallers and uncertain reminder.
If I could, i would use Prydaz for the shielding over tidecallers.

My Spec when i did it.

Cake is a lie: The NPC’s does not get the shield from Cake, so i used a int/mastery stat stick insted.

As for tips:
Mana management; at times you get a ½ sec window outside combat, not enough to rest potion but enough for you get get 1 to 3 sec of drinking. Doesn’t sound like much but it really helps, gives you those last few heals against the last set of adds.

You will get 3 different kinds of adds, all known from the Blackrook Hold dungeon.

1. Archer: Shoots the party with some medium dmg shots and does a mana sting that you MUST line of sight with one of the party members.

2. Caster: Spam Arcane Blast that, if succesfull, gives them a 50% dmg increase and it stacks. Interrupt as much as posible.

3. Blade dude. Does Knife Dance for high AoE dmg on the party and after hes done with the channel of this spell he will focus on YOU and chase you while doing ALOT of dmg to you. The hunter will slow them from time to time, but i couldn’t see a pattern, yet you can kite them abit.

– On the first add you get, an archer, try and deal abit of DPS to it so you can kill it before it gets its 2nd mana sting off.

– 2nd wave: not much to it, LoS the archer with Lord Ravencrest (the warrior in your party) while you focus on the caster. Remember to give ALOT of love to the target who gets hit by the mana sting.

– The 3nd wave of adds (caster and blade dude) you can use AG to keep up (it will be up again when you need it later). Focus down the caster, interrupt as much as you can. When the blade dude does his Knife Dance, use your stun totem, but make sure to use your Lightning Surge Totem to stun both of them. That way you get a a free reset of the buff on the caster add as well as interrupting the Knife Dance.

– 4th Wave: Now the fun begins ! Here you get 2x Blade dudes and 1 Caster, the party will go for the caster at first and you will have to deal with the 2 blade dues on you (when they enrage and fucus you, use 40% Dmg reduc.) Same strat as before, stun on Knife dance, hit all 3, kite if you can, interrupt the arcane blast.
As for CD’s here I try and only use ascendance an d AG to keep the party alive.
I like to have 50%+ mana when i finish this phase and channel a lay torrent on the last blade dude if your party is topped and have healing rain going. (do this right after he finished his focus on you)

– 5th wave: Caster + Archer + blade dude. Now you are getting the flow of it, LoS the archer, interrupt the caster, stun both (caster and blade dude) in melee when the Knife dance comes. But remember to keep an eye out for the Archer since they do teleport around the room and you have to deal with a few mana stings.
Pop Lust on pull, use link/ tide when you feel you need it.

Now if you did this, you done the hard part !
take a break, wait for ascendance to come back up.

For the 2nd phase:

1st Room: 6 eyes will spawn, kill one heal up, kill one heal up. Not that bad. Chain Lightning is your best and worst friend here, make sure that you dont kill 2 at once or you are dead. Do NOT stand close to the, they have a small AoE around them that ticks for heavy dmg.

2nd room: 1 Demon + 3 bats: Chain Lightning, flame shock and lava burst the bats down first, keep an eye on your own HP.

3rd room: Ascendance should be up again for this, after you take down the gate there are 3 damaged spirits and 1 feared one, dispell the fear, pop ascendance and heal the 3 spirits up, make sure they are fully healed ! if you fail to do this and they die they turn into a blade dude and you have to reset, since you done have the time to kill that and the next.
Pull the archer, LoS the mana sting with the spirits and just resto burst it down !

4th room: GREAT BALLS OF FIRE ! again Chain Lightning is BFF here. Clear a path to the next gate. Easy enough.

5th room: Dread Corruptor + 3 eyes (same as the first room): Pull the Corruptor at the gate, DPS abit, when the spinny thingys spawn, move abit to the right, kill him off.
Do the same with the eyes as you did in the frist room.

BREAK TIME; wait for lust CD, i needed it…

6th room:
Phase 1: Your party goes crazy and attacks each other, keep them up.
The boss will start pulling spirits from the the 3 sides of the room, you have to heal them up before they reach the boss. Pop lust and start rolling CDs (1 wave = 1 CD). You have to heal up 8 spirits before the you can go on.

Phase 2: The spirits you did not manage to heal up will now spawn as adds (the same 3 types as in the start)
Same strats here, LoS, interrupt, stuns.

Phase 3: Now the last fight: this is Nightbane 2.0.
He will just on your face and leave a heavy ticking dmg pool under you, make sure that you leave it at the edge of the room and slowly move around. This does not do dmg to the party ! Only you.
He’ll do a dot on you that when it expires explodes for the targets current HP: Use the pools and bring yourself to around 50%ish, that way you can live a jump he will do and you will be low enough after that, so the dot wont do too much dmg to the part. Rince and repeat.