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Thanks jonbear

You’re right, the 5-man parses aren’t going to help but I’m still comparatively low (and the Paladin only just came back to the game and isn’t fully geared yet – makes it even worse!)

I am guilty of panic healing at times and surging people I see as low. That comes from my previous guild where my defined role was bringing up low people due to the comp we were running. I’m trying to be more of a raid healer now but I’m not the fastest to learn the rhythm of a fight and so CBT is being utterly wasted (and worse, I’m pouring mana into it only to have it heal no-one) so you’re probably right that EotE would be better for me. I’m new to CBT, never used it in WoD but the RL wanted me to use it.

My plan right now is to go through each fight, get a feel for how long it is and look at the peak incoming damage and try to schedule my cooldowns, conservation periods and spamming CH periods. Does that sound like a plan?

I’m a bugger for hoarding cooldowns in case I need them and then never using them or as you saw, using them once or twice rather than to their full potential. I tried to argue this as a viable strategy in progression, if people aren’t dying then I’m not doing wrong etc, but all I’m being told is I need to do more HPS. Thinking about it maybe just ensuring I always have at least 1 CD ready to go would be the way forwards, otherwise drop them at semi-regular intervals when damage is coming in.

I could be over thinking all of this so tell me if I’m talking rubbish 🙂