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Hi Shamdi, thank you for your post!

Here is my heroic kill log for the same boss from today: i

At 1st glance I think it looks mostly similar to your heroic kill except my Spirit Link accounted for more and you have waaay more healing from Chain Heal… I’ve got to spam that spell more for sure, haha. On Mythic we’re spending a large amount of time in the slow phase as well, so I wonder if that may be putting a bit of a damper on my spell usage and I don’t know if the log takes that into consideration. Not sure if we’re doing it similarly to other guilds at all, other kill videos seem to look different. It’s tricky to find a good time to use my Healing Tide early on this fight, since we’re nearly always split into 2 groups and we’ve got 2 Druids with 2 min cooldowns on their tranqs and they don’t hold back on using them as soon as the raid gets low (which is fair). I have Exorsus tracking their CDs though and my boss mod announces them too, so I guess I just need to stay sharp and look for good opportunities when neither of them can tranq, haha. I agree we need to be better at coordinating our cooldowns in general – usually they’re assigned in some way for Mythic fights, but not always and for this fight they weren’t assigned at all, so it was a bit of a free for all.

For trinkets you are right – I should switch. I confess I only equipped the Cenarius one for the mastery – I only had 70% mastery at some point so I just equipped as many mastery items as I could find. Now I’ve had a few more pieces of loot so as of today I think I’m up to around 115% or so. I haven’t been lucky with tier pieces so far but hopefully this won’t hinder me too much. My guild plans on stopping heroic clears (at least when I can attend) next week so the only tier pieces I’ll ever see are Mythic ones unless I PuG. Hopefully it won’t be a big issue if I lack the 2pc/4pc for a while.

Would you say the Gnawed Thumb ring is still worth using even if it’s low item level? Think mine is 865. I’ve ran so many Arcways but never seen a higher level one drop. Using it to boost HTT by 5% sounds like a pretty nice idea though..

Definitely trying to improve my Cloudburst usage and feeding it with AG/GotQ. Until recently I didn’t use it much at all, but I ran with it through our heroic clear today (except for the 2nd last boss) and I’m getting more comfortable with it. I’ll keep it in mind next raid to cancel it early if I think the raid’ll be topped when it times out naturally.

Agree that timing the Earth Shield totem is very important… I guess there’s trying to use it as often as possible vs. using it at the best times to get the most out of it. I know I should be trying to do both, ideally.

So for next raid I’ll focus on just spamming Chain Heal a heck of a lot more (without going OOM preferably), optimising my Cloudburst usage and feeding it with AG/GotQ and timing/placing my Earth Shield totems correctly for incoming damage. Those’ll be my personal goals. Sorry for rambling, I tend to type my thoughts a bit, helps me to process the info. Thank you again, this has been very helpful!