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Thank you for the quick response! I have been coming to this website since I heard about you on Final Boss last year (or 2), I think its awesome what you guys do. I know a lot of classes do not have this type of resource. I know it could be useful for a number of classes, so I am thankful that you guys do this.

I would like to say I don’t believe the bonuses are boring, just that the stats seem so off. Personally, as some one who runs + all the time, I love the 2 piece bonus. I do my best to cast HW/HS with a Tidal Waves as much as possible. So it is just an added bonus to it. Ok, I will go hunting for the 4-piece. I was able to get the cloak last night so I did get 2-piece. I guess I never realized how much of our healing actually came from that. And @Hobotopia I see what you are saying. I had 10 HST on that fight, which I am sure could have been more, but that accounted for 10mil alone. Trilliax I don’t expect to compete as I am that player who tries to do everything possible in a fight. So my happy ass is running around most of the time getting fat and making sure nothing blows up.

I have seen one of these scripts that was supposed to give an “ilvl” of the bonus you got from the DoS effect. I think it took a look at your intellect and crit level to determine it. I can see how it would become convoluted to actually put a number on it with how our mastery works. You would never have the same result twice. When it is broken out, it makes much more sense! I do go for Mastery>Crit>Haste>/=Vers in my build. I will have to keep more of an open mind when it comes to stat weights.

With the way the game is now, I think it is hard to ever have “BiS” items. I have seen these lists, but that seems like a “in the perfect world” type of thing. And I was lucky to get the ring, I am not getting my hopes up for the gloves!

I try not to let the ring dictate the talents that I take. Other than Deluge, I haven’t really changed the talents I take for raid. In the beginning I messed around to see if I could do better, but since then I have stayed with my choices.  I think this could be part of my issue sometimes. I am stuck in my ways of the old days where you had one set tree. I do switch it up for +, but generally speaking I stay with the same setup for raid. I think I saw this the most last night on Heroic Spellblade. I had went with High Tide, but I think after killing it, Ascendance would have been a better choice for the extra CD.

Thank you again for the quick response and all the info! It was very informative. I will continue to come here and support what you guys do. If there is anything I can do to return the favor, let me know!