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Grats on your kill! 🙂


Giving you an example of the same fight on heroic (i could give you a mythic parse later this week probably), i pin pointed some points where i could get more “total healing” with certain spells with less than half fight time with tips on how to improve those points


This is our heroic kill yesterday, i got a nice 99% parse (124 of 16048).

It’s my mythic’s team weekly heroic clear, we were coordinating our cooldowns (we’re least trying to most of the time, but did it well here) so we can get the full effect of stuff like Healing tide.


your log:

my log:

general: we were running the same build pretty much (wind totem on me and graceful spirit on you)

stats: i have more int/crit/haste/mastery you have more vers (i use 2x stat sticks, i prefer it that way they give flat boost over your random boost map trinket and the pretty weak cenarius trinket – which you never used during the fight)

special mentions i have: 2 tier set, cos/arcway set (for crit boost), gnawed thumb ring (macroed with healing tide for 5% boost) => arc/cos set and gnawed ring are a personal preference of course


The fight took 43% (2:42 vs 6:15) of your fight’s time, and here are some points you should try to improve on:

We casted the same amount of chain heals, maybe you’re not doing it enough? (it’s also a great cloudburst feeder)

your chain heals: 34 casts, 49.53m total,  1.46m  avg cast

my chain heals: 34 casts, 55.81m total, 1.64m avg cast



Probably overlaping cooldowns due to not syncing with your raid:

your healing tide: 2 casts, 10m total, 5m avg cast

my healing tide: 1 cast, 22m total, 22m avg cast


underusing cloudburst / not comboing with other cds / not popping when raid is missing hp and waiting for auto burst (sometimes it’s fine as well, but sometimes manual can give better value), try to use your healing rain before casting cloudburst and using your gift of the queen during it. also ancestral guidance is a great feeding CD and can also multiple your burst if it’s up while you pop it. (healing tide doesn’t feed it)

your cloudburst: 9.87m total (with the different lengths you could have casted more than twice what i casted)

my cloudburst: 8.97m total


Earth totem: (like you said you could have had at least 3 more casts, also try to time it for ticking dmg like DoTs or lots of fast damage instances, i managed to get 55% more value with 66% of the casts and the fight was less than half time)

your earth totem: 3 casts, 5m total, 1.67m avg cast

my earth totem: 2 casts, 7.75m total, 3.88m avg cast