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We’re raiding tonight, hopefully we’ll kill Chronomatic Anomaly and then I guess it’s on to Trilliax.

It’s true I never get innervates – I’ve never actually asked for one. 😛

I was going with the smaller group and healing it alone, I think I had 4-5 others with me sometimes and that’s why I struggled and ended up going with Ascendance to cope a bit better, I also needed to use Spirit Link on that group when explosions became almost unmanageable. I think people were also getting hit by the blue orbs a lot, which definitely didn’t make my job easier since I have to move a lot myself. I think towards the latter half of the raid they decided to switch to 5 healers and have another one go with me. If I have another healer with me and/or if there’s less people I should be fine.

Mostly I’m just gonna focus on timing my Cloudbursts to deal with the Time Release debuffs that go all over the raid, since I don’t want to waste my Healing Tides on them.

I know HPS isn’t that important, it’s just for some reason my guild’s a bit preoccupied with it at the moment and they’ve basically told me off for it… it’s silly, I know. They’ll get over it and move on to something else soon enough, but I’ve got some great feedback here in the meantime which is nice. I’ll let you know how the raid goes.