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let us know how your next raid goes.

Also you mentioned, you were going with a smaller group to kill the 2nd add.

How small is that group? if it’s more than you +3 more then you shouldn’t be healing that alone since 5 healers on 20 man is ~4 per healer.


Also consider that while you’re focusing on this smaller group your other healers gets to heal the rest of the raid which would probably give them more HPS since it’s more heals.

You can always ask to be with the major group since you do much better in group heals than a smaller group with spot healing, maybe a druid would be better there?


Another this mentioned above => HPS is not the way to measure a good healer!

Higher hps can mean better sniping of heals during the fight, if your other healers are crying for innervates all the time that’s probably what they are doing.

Looking at your skorp kill and 3 best anomally wipes, only your druids are getting innervates while you never get them, meaning they spend more mana = usually more HPS (even if it’s mostly overheal/sniping).

At all 3 fights your druids were almost out of mana while you had at least 50% or so, meaning if the fight would go on for another minute their hps will drop and yours will rise, that’s why you *never* check none kills for values