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Hi Shamdi thanks for replying. The Cloudburst guide is useful, I’ve taken a look at it before but if I’m going to use it more often it’s definitely good to revisit… I still had it in my head that it didn’t include overhealing, it’s amazing if it does now.

I’ll definitely be using High Tide for this fight now, I normally do use it but I was switching to Ascendance for this fight to see if it helped my side survive better… I’ll also see if I can use HTT earlier so I can use it again later, definitely will help my HPS a lot if I can drop it twice!

As for Earthen Shield I’ll have a look around and make a WA for it, since I know I tend to be a bit forgetful of this one and I would like to keep using it for this fight at least.

And yes… way less Healing Surges, I’ll make sure of that too, haha. It does make more sense to keep my TW up and use more HWs.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!