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1. Like pram said, you’re over using healing surge (which kills your mana), not as much tough since you pair it with the wrist, but still.

2. Like  pram said => [Riptide]/[Tidal Waves]+[Healing Wave] is much more efficient mana wise and will give you more stacks on Jonat’s since HW+TW = shorter than HS.

3. Like you said you’re trying to spot heal, if you prefer spot healing Undo is better then Torrent (but i would keep torrent for this fight).

4. You should try to use CBT like you mentioned, it’ll give me nice HPs (you just need to practice it a little) => start here:

5. About Ascendance, i am pretty sure high tide will give you much better HPS, in raid scenarios.


And the most important thing is, i looked at the 3 tries 4 mins, 4:20-4:35~ and in all of those you used your healing tide only once, you should be able to drop it twice in the length, also you only used Earthren totem 1-2 times per fight when you should have used it around 3-5 times.