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Hi Pramaxis thanks for the speedy reply!

At the beginning of the raid I started off with High Tide but because I was healing a side alone during explosions and since things got a bit dicey I wanted more cooldowns, which is why I switched to Ascendance after a while. I do prefer to run with High Tide normally and if anything changes I’ll switch back. I don’t think I can solo heal my side without Ascendance and AG, though I might give it a try next raid to begin with. I’m even saving Spirit Link for those points right now, but maybe we’re having too many explosions if I’m feeling forced to save nearly all my CDs for that. I’m not too sure, it might be that I just need to be better with movement and spec into Graceful Spirit so I’ve always got SWG up as well.

I’ll switch to CBT next raid and see how well I can time it up against the Time Release debuffs. Would save me using a HTT to heal all the debuffs which I now realise isn’t necessary at all anyway. I just tend to panic a bit.

Panicking is also why I’m using far too many Surges. I spot heal a lot. I should be more comfortable just using Chain Heal and HWs if needed. Since our raids don’t have Paladin healers, I feel like I’m sorta trying to fill their role sometimes.

As for mastery, yeah… I realised after looking at my gear I had far too little lately. I’ll definitely have more next time, even if it means having to equip a few slightly lower ilevel items. I still have no T19 pieces as the guild’s prioritising DPS first for those and haven’t had any luck with coins yet. I think right now the leadership in my guild is focusing a bit too much on HPS to measure us as healers, but still definitely worth seeing where I can improve in that case.

This is all great feedback and I appreciate it! If anyone else has any thoughts I’m all ears.