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CBT would be useful especially against [Time Release]. To gain more mastery should be your first priority for your items. You should also look for the T19 2/4. Why did you picked [Ascendance]?

Maybe you should try to make some decisions. If you want to heal single-target you should try [Ascendance]+T19(2/4) as well as [Echo of the Elements] or you could focus on group-heal with CBT, [High Tide] and your legendaries.

Your logs say that you had 50% overheal with [Healing Tide], thats a lot! Your use of [Healing Surge] is exhaustive. I know Jonats is cool but you do not have to be top notch efficient with [Chainheal] even though it would be perfect it is no easy goal to accomplish. Even with more mastery that playstyle would not result in better HPS* considering that mastery benefits from low-to-lowest HP.

Try to cut the use of [Healing Surge], relay on [Chainheal] and [Riptide]/[Tidal Waves]+[Healing Wave] more often. The logs you linked show that even for druids, your colleagues had much overheal too. The fight was short and that is a hell to generate HPS due to the overlap of CDs such as Tranq or HT. If you want a better HPS try to cut the overheal for all healers and shift CDs with other healers. Healing Raiding is all about teamwork!

*HPS is not the way to measure a good healer!