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not sure how I can help but I shall try. Ignore the number of casts I got out of my spells because I did get a longer fight on the kill but I would consider changing up talents maybe. since you have jonats I would go for unleash life and 5 stacks of jonats and feed it into cloud burst totem. If you also are able to time CB burst with AG they double dip with each other for an even bigger cloud burst. Im not that great at analyzing logs but I have been trying to get better at it but maybe you can take a look at my logs and it might help we are similar ilvl so potentially you could pull these numbers. I would also take a look at our wipe on that very same fight sometimes getting more familiar with the fight makes it easier to to heal and knowing when to pop your bigger heals. I did go undulation and echo but that was a mistake on my end I would have preferred unleash life and CB. and yes its normal not heroic but it was our drunk raid so we had some people doing stupid stuff.