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Ello, Meesh! I know I’m a little late to the party, but I have some feedback for you on combining Nobundo’s Redemption and Focuser of Jonat, the Elder. It may seem like there’s only a little bit of interaction between these two legendaries, but they’re potent and complementary tools for a hybrid healer who needs to provide a combination of spot healing and raid maintenance/recovery. Here’s a breakdown of how I make it sing:

GAINING JONAT’S FOCUS Riptide to get a Tidal Waves buff for a very high crit chance on Healing Surge. If Healing Surge crits, roll that Queen’s Ascendant buff into a super efficient Healing Wave, otherwise I use my best judgement between Healing Wave and Healing Surge. This three-cast sequence produces 2 stacks of Jonat’s Focus in a short time, and can be repeated between totem refreshes and moving for mechanics as the bread and butter of my spot healing.

MANAGING JONAT’S FOCUS It’s ideal to Chain Heal at 5 stacks of Jonat’s Focus. That works especially well for recovering soak groups or moderate raid damage. I don’t lock into that sequence though – it’s there to help me maximize my healing, but only if I can afford the time it takes to buff up. (If you’d like a way to visually track Jonat’s Focus stacks rather than trying to hunt them down in your buffs section, @Dorelei and I have both written WeakAuras to do just that:

ELEVATED RAID DAMAGE During elevated raid damage I try to Chain Heal at 3 stacks, which gives me strong group heals with the built in opportunity to spot heal as I go. This works especially well during another healer’s raid CD, or during raid-wide damage that doesn’t quite warrant a raid CD.

MASSIVE RAID DAMAGE During massive raid damage it’s often still advantageous to spam Chain Heal whether or not it’s buffed. When that’s the case I make sure to sneak in a cheap Healing Surge between each Chain Heal because this is where Nobundo’s Redemption really sings. That back and forth combo gives me a guaranteed 10% boost to every Chain Heal plus a really efficient spot heal. Buff that Chain Heal with Unleash Life, or toss Ancestral Guidance or Ascendance into the mix and my non-totem raid heals just grew some serious muscles.

All this isn’t to say that these two legendaries are the best way to go – it’s a less potent combo for resto shammies that focus entirely on spot healing or entirely on raid healing, and there are some fights where you may get more mileage out of Elemental Rebalancers than Nobundo’s Redemption. However, if this is what you’ve got to work with, you can make it work well.

Happy healing! ^.^