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So nihilith, mythic dragons might be one of the only exceptions for not using high tide, even then ascendance wont reach the other group.. and your group on each side shouldnt be so spread out to the point you cant bounce a good chain through the raid.

There can be other exceptions as well, for example:

  • Running a pure single target build
  • If your raid needs the extra cooldown for a difficult phase (healing is a team effort after all)

I cast zero chain heals on our Dragons kill, people were just too spread for me to make use of it so having High Tide there would’ve been wasted (for me) also there are periods of the encounter where having an extra cooldown in the form of Ascendance was more beneficial for our team. For another team choosing High Tide might be more beneficial, it’s up to each and everyone to make that decision for themselves.

To answer your question why i stack a cloudburst totem with AG and Healing tide is because that is how you maximize your burst healing as a shaman. I can explain how to properly use them in order but on fights where one healer is in charge of an aoe burst (mythic ursoc).. that burst hps is not only beautiful but its all effective healing.

I know how to stack CBT with AG, I was curious as to why you’d want that burst Healing with Healing Tide (no CBT/AG interaction). I apologise if I explained that poorly. The reason I ask is that if I did that in my team so much would be wasted as overheal.

lastly, your question regarding undulation over unleash life.. i personally dont want to add any more little 15-30second healing cooldowns because it just becomes another thing to manage and can distract me from what i already do. and tbh i really like undulation because i try to consume as many tidal wave procs as possible and having an extra 50% healing wave or surge is pretty nice.

Canibehealz explained it so eloquently in point 4 the issue I take with making a statement such as the one made above so any point I make to add to that I feel will be superfluous. I however, felt I wanted to respond to your other points, hence this reply. Is there a particular reason you wrote TO NIHILITH in all caps by the way, I’m curious? 🙂