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Not that I am one to shut down discussion regarding Resto Shamans – thats what these forums are for – but its very important that you don’t spread false information as gospel. A few of the points that are not true are as follows.

1) Popping CBT/AG/HTT all at once results in more overhealing in 99.999% of cases than effective healing, and quite possibly hinders you more than helps. Big numbers are great, but sustaining 80% of those big numbers for longer is better. Would you rather burst at 1M hps for 3 seconds or sustain 800k hps for 15 seconds? No brainer.

2) Rankings are meaningless and mostly held by people that have one or more of the following problems/methods. As an example, I could go back and solo heal Heroic Cenarius and walk away with a rank 1 parse, but I don’t because its pointless.

  • Severe underhealing
  • Underperforming healers
  • Underperforming DPS causing fights to run super long for extra CD use
  • Overgearing
  • Sub-optimal talent choice just “for the numbers” to “pad” with
  • Early healer deaths
  • Cooldown rotations designed around parsing
  • Healers focusing on dpsing
  • etc. etc. etc.

3) The over-reliance on Chain Heal can sometimes be the downfall of a good Shaman. You made a claim that Healing Wave is not a suitable spell to be using on Cenarius as a top heal but a perfect example of the Single Target playstyle working INCREDIBLY well is one of our in-house writers, Keehn.

Keehn plays very strictly and very disciplined. Keehn also manages to parse just fine and show off some numbers by using Single Target heals. You’ve asked for proof of this and here is a good example. 22 seconds difference in kill time, but kill time is irrelevant. Both are Heroic Cenarius, both are similar ilevels (his 882 vs your 880) and you even have a better second Legendary than he does ESPECIALLY when playing with a Chain Heal heavy build.

4) Coming here with such certainty and potency in your messages along with commanding such a powerful voice for your numbers means absolutely nothing. You preach things like “changing talents and getting out of those comfort zones for MAXIMUM HPS!” but also say things like “I dont spec UnL because I dont like having another cooldown to watch” and it gets very confusing. The clear choice on MANY encounters, especially when playing Chain Heal heavy, is UnL. To ignore it and its potency because you don’t want another thing to track and THEN preach that people should spec your way because other talents are better is so silly. What if they don’t want another 30 second cd to track with CBT? What if they can’t properly manage it yet and don’t want to hinder their group while learning?

You need to reconsider the way you speak and the things you say. There is absolutely nothing in stone about how to spec or what gear to use or how to heal. Healing is a fluid action, not rigid like dps. Pull by pull, things change. Variables come in to play that won’t be there every pull.

Happy Healing. 🙂