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I looked through those logs briefly, since whoever logged them wasn’t using advanced combat logging (it’s an option you have to enable in-game in the systems menu) it’s hard to judge things like resource spending, talents and gear, all which will have an effect on how you play.

The advice I’ll give you is, as such quite basic. Hopefully it should give you some pointers though. Your Riptide and Healing Stream Totem usage look fine, you could perhaps get a few more riptides out but all in all, they seem pretty solid.

I noticed a few things though, you seem to have a low CPM (casts per minute) this tells me you’re not spending all of your time casting (ABC – always be casting) spells. In periods of low damage you can, of course, choose to deal damage instead or you can use Healing Wave as a filler spell.

On Renferal I noticed you cast Ghost Wolf a lot of the time (15 in total) and not once did you use Spiritwalker’s Grace. Ghost Wolf is fine to use if you need to move quickly (such as from Vile Ambush or to help you cross over to the other side) in other cases you should try to move pre-emptively, this is so you can maximise time spent casting which is a direct increase to your output. The same applies to Spiritwalker’s Grace, learn to time it with high movement periods (such as Gathering Storm on Renferal or for charges on Ursoc if you have it talented it will be up for every one of your group’s charges) it’s also grat for dodging Brambles on Cenarius!

I see you’re using a lot of Healing Surges, you may have the bracer’s though in which case it isn’t an issue as long as the majority are powered by the buff from your bracers, it’s very mana intensive to use otherwise and should, therefore, be saved for emergencies. Try spending most of your Tidal Waves charges on Healing Wave instead.

Don’t be afraid to use Chain Heal when you need to AoE heal! Yes it is mana intensive but it is also powerful, just make sure to weave it with your other spells (spending the Tidal Waves on Healing Waves for example) to make sure you don’t run out of mana. Generally you want to try and end the fight with as close to zero mana as possible (of course this cannot always be done, when you overgear encounters for example).

Due to how our mastery works (healing more the lower the health of the target) try to get into the habit of targeting low health players if you can. The same mastery is also why we suffer when a raid stacks too many healers and when you overgear encounters since it’s not as effective then, it’s something to keep in mind.

I hope the above can help a bit on your way, sorry the response took a while real life got in the way. Poke here if you have any questions or if anything is unclear to you. I love your char name by the way, it’s awesome 😀